Living in the Four Great Realms of Heart

Hungary 27th and 28th September 2008
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It was a chilly Autumn weekend when Ashley and I arrived in Budapest. This was my second time to visit there, the first being in 1990 when I went to help prepare for a 21 day workshop for 400 Soviet University Students. It was winter – and I saw white swans walking on a frozen lake, and although it was a very exciting time for our movement there, the city and the Houses of Parliament ( which are modelled on our Westminster Houses of Parliament ) were gray with winter cold and decades of accumulated grime. This time everything was clean and bright, and we were warmly embraced by 40 members – many young Blessed Couples among them, in the dignified Bekehaz ( Peace House ).

We experiencing and observed the children’s realm of heart,

… the brothers and sister’s realm …the spouse’s realm

…and the parents’ realm, whilst meeting with some of those 6 couples who haven’t been able to have children yet.

Getting to know the Hungarian Eu-BFD Representative – Leonita Zahora
and her husband Attila and 4th daughter Gracelyn

Tibor Krebsz, the National Leader, wrote about their experience:

“2008 September 27-28 we held a 2 day seminar in our Peace Embassy,  titled : “Living in the four great realms of heart”
Three years ago we started to organise such a seminars for couples and brothers and sisters to improve our relationships as couples and as a community. In the last two years we invited Mrs. Marjorie Hill and this time Ashley and Susan Crosthwaite, who are serving our European community as a BFD came from England.

They gave many beautiful lectures, internal guidance based on True Parents’ words. They shared many experiences from their rich public life. They were encouraging us to live a public life as blessed family and share the blessing of True Parents with others. Same time they were helping us to understand our differences as Man and Woman, husband and Wife; how to communicate our needs and express our hearts, feelings, thoughts. Especially how to communicate without hurting, violating the heart of others.

They offered practical help, methods how to make it in the daily base.
Susan and Ashley encouraged those couples who do not have child yet, sharing their own life experiences.

Susan and Ashley gave counselling to some couples and members liberating them from pain, struggles. This way gave them hope again and inspiration to continue together with True Parents.

Many of us can testify that certain barriers and walls were pulled down between the couple and brothers and sisters.

There was a chance for lot of sharing, discussion and liberation from pain, hurt and judgement. The seminar had a very high atmosphere. Susan and Ashley both gave lectures and we felt that they were really mediating True Parents and Hyung Jin Nim’s heart.

Tibor Krebz

Those who took the chance this time for studying and challenging themselves for growth I am sure their life will be more happy and joyful after this seminar. Hopefully in the next time more and more members will come and open up their hearts for healing or improving their marriage life.

Thank you for True Parents, Ashley and Susan that you were very concerned about our community here in Hungary!!
Tibor Krebsz
NL of Hungary”

Thanks to Tibor and Leonita’s preparation everything ran so smoothly, and the atmosphere was absolutely sincere. We look forward to continuing growing our connections of heart with everyone who participated. Thanks especially to Tibor’s family behind the scenes where there’s a new-born baby boy, and little big sisters who were quite ill with winter chills during our visit.

Tibor is in the blue shirt on the front row, right side.

Thank you Tibor and Leonita!