Realizing the Dream of the True Self

Report by Kurt Sattlberger
True Self Seminar

From Nov. 08 till May 09 the first “Basic Training for a Life rooted in Heart” took place in Gaflenz, Austria under the title “Realizing the dream of the True Self”.

Three couples and 3-5 single participants used 3 weekend seminars to train their abilities to conduct their lives based on the impulses of their hearts. “Connecting with your True Self”, “Leading a Life of Growth” and “Nourishing my Source of Love” were the themes guiding the single workshops.
The specific character of these seminars was mainly created by the use of the so called “C-H-I-Ps” (Constellation of Heart-centred Inner Processes). C-H-I-P is a helpful method to express and to consciously recognize inner processes. It is based on latest knowledge of modern psychology as well as on the view of man described in Unification Thought.
If a participant wants to solve a burdening situation he starts with the description of the problem. The C-H-I-P sheets guide him through the process. They help to confront and digest negative feelings and thoughts, and to understand their message. They encourage him to recognize the underlying needs and get in touch with the related desires of his heart and eventually also of the heart of God. The touch with the longings of the heart leads to an energetic transformation. A new horizon opens, positive feelings and thoughts emerge. In this atmosphere the person defines clearly the first step leading to a change of the situation.
To secure a lasting effect on daily life we practiced breathing exercises connected with affirmations. They help to stay connected with the desires and energies of the heart during daily challenges.

Brothers and sisters guided each other emphatically through the process creating a deep brotherly atmosphere in an intensity that I rarely experienced on other occasions. The participants’ feedback strengthens my impression: I experienced hell and heaven … I could get an impression of the soul and the heart of my brothers and sisters … I am allowed to emphatically feel with others and learn through their experience … My original desire for true brotherhood was reawakened. In our group we experienced some aspects of the ideal, and that gives me hope.
C-H-I-P is a tremendous helpful tool to recognize and take one’s personal responsibility in changing situations. It helps to create the necessary motivation and energy needed in order to move towards the desired state: I was liberated from a huge burden … I gained clearness and security. I am now better able to trust myself.
These trainings also help to treat each other more loving and caring: I became more careful and empathic … I am grateful that I could participate in these processes; I could gain a new point of view.

Originally we planned to do 3 seminars to foster the development of our original personality. The group, however, decided to meet again in August for another weekend where we will specially focus on the couples’ relationships.

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