Regaining courage to solve “hopeless” situations”

by Healing-Seminar with Family Constellations

Report by Kurt Sattlberger
Austria, Sept 18. -20. 2009

It was a really moving experience nine brothers and sisters went through during the weekend Sept 18 – 20 at the seminar house “Schmied an der Straß” in Gaflenz, Austria. Among the participants were one couple and a mother with her grown up daughter.

This was the third “Healing-Seminar with Family Constellations” to be held in Austria under the guidance of Lubelia Palfi. The group was rather small. Except for one person it was the third seminar with Lubelia for all participants, a fact that allowed a level of intimacy which hardly can be reached under other circumstances.

One key element for the success was the amazing courage of brothers and sisters to confront personal issues publically. This attitude helped to leave behind possible barriers of fear and shame and to pass through the gate of liberation.

The participants supported each other taking roles in the respective family systems. Expressing love in this specific way, deep empathic connections were created. Additionally we could gain new insights in mental processes because Lubelia did not only work with members of the family but also with allegoric figures like Desire, Responsibility, Mental Block, Sexuality etc.

Besides the family constellations we did exercises to strengthen the relationship with our inner child, to recognize belief systems we have inherited from our parents and to release internal as well as external tensions. There were times to weep and times to laugh, times of silent meditations and times of dancing following loud music.

We were repeatedly addressing problems, week points and suffering. Nevertheless the whole weekend was characterized by a deep mutual respect and trust and an amazingly high spiritual atmosphere. This is thanks to Lubelia, her professional competence and guidance and her motherly heart providing room, encouragement and healing for any kind of issue.

Certainly we could not solve all our problems, burdens and internal injuries during this weekend. But we did gain new insights and new energy and we newly determined the course for certain matters. And quite a few found hope and strength to successfully address situations they could not solve despite of leading a life of faith for many years.