Couples Workshop in Altavilla Italy

Couples Coming to Action

May 17- 19, 2019 we held a special young blessed Couples workshop in the area where we live, a beautiful UNESCO heritage, called Langhe.

12 Couples from all over Italy and Europe came, we had 3 days of heavy rain and this could lead us even closer in all our activities.

We could discuss important topics based on Principle-Life about effective communication, sexuality, parenting and how to bring God in our relationship as a blessed couple and really manifest His love. We had open and honest-authentic talks, reflecting on the origin of our life, on the outcoming and on what we really want to bring in our family as Unificationist.

CW Italy 2

We worked on the topic of Unificationism and values having really interesting talks and good feed back from the entire group. We worked as well on managing our time connecting our needs and deeds to True Father concept of time ( see autobiography , “Leaving a legacy of love”) The workshop is a good result of a Team work of 2nd gen couples who really invested a lot with us to make it possible.

The place was excellent and the owner of the place we stayed in, was very impressed by the young age and their beautiful attitude.

She is a Catholic missionary who,with her husband adopted 17 children and had 4 on their own, they tried to create a family that could welcome any child with any problems, some of the children has heavy handicap situation and even one of their own was born with a down syndrom, but they really made a ” miracle family ” I would say !

We could ask her to give her testimony and there were tears and deep sharing.

When we left she told my husband and I that she could never witness to a greater group, she said ” You really look like brothers and sisters, surely you must have an amazing leader and a great dreams ”

The couples who came are amazing, I can really testify about this, they are a wonderful expressions of the love I always wish to see in our society; pure young couples that are ready to build good families and, I really want to thank them for all their sincere investment of heart, money and time to make this workshop possible.

CW Italy 3

Many more to come, I hope, with God and True Parents’ guidance.

Let us be peace makers starting with our couple and family!

Thanks !

Patrizia Olivero Kerschbaummayr ( BFD South Europe )