Matching & Blessing Preparation Handbook For Parents and Children

Dear Blessed Families,

The EUME BFD put together this online booklet to support and guide Parents and Blessed Children on the way to the Matching and Blessing.
The booklet is available online and we will offer a hard copy soon as well.
Below you can read the introduction letter from the booklet.

BFD Matching and Blessing Handbook DOWNLOAD

On behalf of the EUME BFD staff,


Dear Blessed Families,
Our Heavenly Parent’s original design is that children grow in the love of their parents, developing a strong sense of their identity, value and character, and learn to love in the context of their family. These are the foundations for healthy and lasting marriages. Seeking and finding an eternal partner should also be guided by the love and wisdom of supportive parents. The investment of parents is meant to invite God’s presence more powerfully than the guidance of any distant authority, even True Parents. When Father matched the earliest Blessed Children in 1986, he told them he was only doing this on behalf of their parents, and that eventually parents would grow into that responsibility and role. Now is that time.
The purpose for this parent’s matching tradition is to bring joy to our Heavenly Parent by realizing the ideal of love, and to bring happiness to our children. Our challenge is to find that heart and motivation, and to develop a process that will allow God to be present and to guide it.
We are pioneers of a new tradition of matching and Blessing, inherited from our True Parents. It is essential that candidates and their parents understand the heart of this process. We hope that this handbook, when read thoroughly and considered prayerfully, will help guide and inspire both parents and candidates.
Your BFD team