PMC Spring Webinar 2020

Originally we had planned to hold our European Parents Matching Convocation (PMC) in May. However considering the present situation, our staff decided to hold the PMC as a webinar this year.

The focus of the PMC is to educate parents about the Matching and Blessing. Our goal is to really support and guide parents in the best way in this difficult task of matching their own children. 

We organized a series of five evening webinars over a period of two weeks. We had several speakers giving guidance about the matching and Blessing and, in addition, a 2nd Gen. Blessed Couple sharing a testimony about their matching. 

We wanted to create sessions that were interactive so we scheduled break-out discussion groups, which gave participants the opportunity to talk and share in smaller groups. We also gave the participants homework, so that they could reflect more deeply about the content at home. We created a virtual display room to share the profiles of Matching Candidates.

Surprisingly, more than 200 parents joined this webinar series and, because we were online, we had participants from the whole world, creating a really beautiful connection and feeling of being one world family.

We have already received much positive feedback from the participants, who were grateful that we took the initiative to offer our workshop in the form of a webinar.