Energy Healing introduction

Why and how are we able to improve our lives and speed up the restoration process by using energy methods like Emotion Code (EC), Body Code (BC) and Original Energy Code (OEC)?

Energies created in the past influence our health, sabotage the fulfillment of our goals and block the providence. In a clear and stimulating presentation Kurt Sattlberger, certified EC- practitioner and author of OEC, brought out why and how this happens. Additionally he briefly presented the key benefits of Emotion-Code, Body Code and Original Energy Code and gave some indications about Heavenly Parent’s heart for this work.

Following the presentation, the nearly 100 participants heard amazing testimonies given by Franz Kerschbaummayr and Liliana Karlsson, both certified Emotion Code practitioners and trained in Original Energy Code. This part was concluded by a lively question and answer session.

In a second part Kurt Sattlberger gave information about the OEC online training taking place in August and September 2020.
The event was highly appreciated by the participants and received a lot of positive feedback.