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BFD-EUME held a “Refresh your Blessing” webinar from the end of June to the beginning of July. It consisted of a series of five evening seminars for older Blessed couples who want to improve their relationship in order to build a Holy Community of God-centered families. The target group was couples who had been Blessed for more than 25 years. The vision was to create a warm and embracing atmosphere where couples could take time to work on their relationship.


Each session had a different topic: “Evaluating Our Relationship as a Blessed Couple”, “Our Couple and the Ideal- Bridging the Gap”, “The Power of Imagination”, “Communication”, “Conflict Solving” and “Intimacy”. The sessions included videos, testimonies, exercises and time for each couple to discuss between themselves and reflect on the situation of their couple.

Over 170 couples registered to attend this webinar and we had a team translating into Russian, German, French, Spanish and Italian. The webinar was organized by the European and Middle East Blessed Family Department, however several couples attended from Africa, Oceania and North America.

The European and Middle East regional leaders, Dr. Michael and Mrs. Fumiko Balcomb, gave an inspiring introduction on the first day of the webinar series.

Orlande Schenk, the leader of BFD EUME, also offered some words on the third day of the webinar. She shared deep moving words about the wish of our 2nd gen. members, to see their parents happy. Many of the participants were brought to tears.

Here’s some of the feedback from the webinar:

“It is really amazing”

“To create such environment for our Blessed Couples is so important where we can open up to each other as one Holy Community.”

“The webinar was delivered with sensitivity and understanding, and the content was relevant and useful. The exercises were not too challenging and were quite revealing.”

“Thank you so much for this amazing seminar. There is lots to digest and unfortunately also lots to repent and adjust from the content. It explains why we got stuck in our relationship so many times. Cannot remember of having such clear and compressed guidance ever before.”

“These lessons are giving us the opportunity to deepen even more our love and relationship as a couple. It’s never too late to overcome our limits and become an ideal couple. The lessons were very inspiring and interesting and we hope that we can continue with more of them in the future.”

The recordings are currently being processed and will be available for a donation when they are ready.