Special Needs PMC

On Saturday November 7, we held the first online PMC for Special Needs candidates. It was a joint project organized by BFM-North America and BFD-Europe and Middle East. There were over 40 participants, parents and matching supporters, from North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We gave a short presentation on the recent developments within the Special Needs Ministry and shared the matching testimony of a 2nd gen. Special Needs Blessed couple. We then presented the profiles of 12 candidates and afterwards divided into small discussion groups which lasted for up to ninety minutes.

The parents had so much to share and many tears were shed. The ultimate purpose of these webinars was to inform and connect parents, and to research the possibilities of the matching and Blessing for 2nd gen. Special Needs candidates. The webinars provided new hope and inspiration to the families. We realize that there is a great need to create more awareness of the situation of these families within our communities.

Special Needs children are often referred to as “a Blessing in disguise” as they challenge us to love unconditionally, and in return we will experience a depth of heart that we might not have known otherwise. They are the Hidden Treasures in the Heavenly Parents Holy Community – and now the time has come that we search for them!