Interact February

“Know your What and Why, Surrender your When and How”        by Stephan and Diana Winter  “Interact” webinar for Blessed Children over 24 years,                     Saturday 5th February 2022

Stephan and Diana Winter are both in their mid-thirties and were Blessed in 2018 in Korea. Baby Lian was born last year.  They gave an uplifting and informative presentation on the topic of their path to the Blessing, which included many challenges. This was followed by a lively Q&A session.

After a short break we split into discussion groups.

Over half of those attending our “Interact” webinar this month were from outside Europe, including participants from North and South America, Africa and Korea.

A few reflections:

“Simple and profound testimony”

“Honest and practical advice”

“Such information is really helpful especially for those struggling with the matching process and blessing.”

“Discussion group was really engaging and inspiring. I was glad I joined.”

The “Interact” staff team