Testimonies: Cosmic Blessing April 2022


Testimony by Andreas, Blessed Child from Germany, received the Blessing with Karen from USA in Camberg, Germany

The Blessing was such a profound experience for Karen and me. It meant a lot to us to be able to receive the Blessing in Camberg, a place where I grew up, took part in many Workshops and prepared so much to receive the Blessing. Before the event I had the urge to offer our personal prayer. So, we went to the Holy Ground in Camberg and shared a deep and heartfelt prayer there. We felt so grateful that we were receiving the Blessing and felt the great potential for us to bring so much more joy to God, True Parents and our parents through Karen and I coming together. We felt so grateful for everything we have received in our lives and knew that we would not have been able to stand there on that day had it not been for God’s love, guidance and support, the support of our parents, True Parents love and teachings, the guidance of our ancestors and so many others. Karen shed tears in our prayer. Even though the Blessing ceremony happened in the middle of the night for us, we didn’t feel very tired. It was a significant moment for us and we enjoyed celebrating it together with all the other couples and our family and friends. We hope that we can share the Blessing with as many people as possible in future, become a Blessing ourselves and always treat each other as the most precious person in our lives.

1st Generation Couple, Dale 24 years old from PHILIPPINES, received the Blessing with Greta  24 years old from ALBANIA in the Albanian Peace Embassy

No words can exactly describe the gratefulness in our hearts as we received the most precious gift to humankind from Heavenly Parent and True Parents – the Holy Marriage Blessing. Despite our limitations as fallen human beings, the overflowing grace and encompassing love of our Heavenly Parent and True Parents enabled us to receive such eternal blessing.

Our blessing date was also the same date as the Blessing Anniversary of our True Parents. This truly warmed our hearts. Before the Blessing, we met overwhelming challenges during the time of our preparation, such as visa problems and COVID 19 travel restrictions. Each day became harder and darker for us. However, we had already prepared our minds and our hearts to meet you, Heavenly Parent and True Parents, for the Blessing Ceremony in Albania. Just like how you trained us to be in the frontline, we remained strong and we never gave up until we emerged victorious.

Meeting each other before the Blessing was an honor and we decided to accept the matching. In the history of Filipino-Albanian matched couples, our couple was the first to meet each other in our spouse’s country and not in other countries. So, we pioneered the way. All inconveniences and discomforts triggered our fallen nature, yet, as stubborn as we were, we reached our goal. We were inspired to become True Mother’s “daffodil children” with a spirit of breaking through. “Impossible” did not exist in our persevering hearts.

At our Blessing venue, the Peace Embassy in Tirana, Albania, we could experience the happy faces of leaders, elders, blessed families, second generation and brothers and sisters of HPHC Albania. We were deeply moved by knowing that Heaven and the Good Absolute Spirit World were celebrating more than anyone on earth that day. Heavenly Parent and True Parents were the happiest of all.

We felt deeply in our hearts that, when we were conceived in the wombs of our mothers, Heavenly Parent and True Parents were guiding us to reach this moment. We are always indebted to the consistent guidance of God and our ancestors to follow the path of True Parents.

As an internationally blessed couple, we had a Venn diagram of similarities and differences. However, we both agreed that True Parents’ culture is our culture. With this culture, whenever struggles come, it will be a no-brainer for us to overcome these challenges.

We are grateful to have each other as united eternal husband and wife of Cheon Il Guk. We may have a long way to go but every day we would like to renew this promise. We are more than serious to uphold the standard of Heaven as a filial son and daughter of God.

In the back of our minds, we had a theory about why God brought us together as a couple. As we go back to the narrative about the tribes of Israel, it could be that both of us came from the same tribe and lineage. As these tribes settled down thousands of years ago, they got separated. Some went to the place now known as Albania and some went as far as the tropical islands of the Philippines. In the course of Restoration, God is allowing us to restore our original tribe.

We could not be here without the Jeong Seong of our ancestors, central figures, spiritual parents, matching supporters, brothers and sisters. We owe greatly our growth and how we held ourselves responsible and accountable for our lives of faith, to you all. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

As a couple, we will strive to become a CheonBo family who can make the light of our good community shine brighter. We offer our blessing marriage to you, Heavenly Parents, and True Mom and Dad!
하늘부모님, 참부모님 감사합니다. 우리는 너를 사랑해!

Your son and daughter, Dale & Greta

Josue from Portugal, Blessed Child with special needs received the Blessing with Marika from Italy, also a Blessed Child with special needs

My son Josué has had schizophrenia since he was 16 years old. He is now 31 years old. Naturally when he was diagnosed with this problem, our family was so much down spiritually. We were asking ourselves why was he born with such a challenging situation……?

However, we are sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent, so we had to overcome this situation. I went to Cheong Pyeong with my son many times and we liberated our ancestors as much as possible. I was always searching for a partner for him wherever I went there, but it was not so easy. Hoon Mo Nim finished her mission at Cheong Pyeong in 2013, so I had to find a partner for Josué by myself.

Fortunately, the Cheon Bo providence in EUME started. I went twice to England, twice to Spain and also to Germany. My feeling and hope was that somebody would bring their daughter to one of these events – a daughter who had a similar situation to that of my son. I always offered HJ wish papers to find Josué ́s partner.

When I went to the HJ Training Center in the beginning of 2020, a lot of brothers and sisters came from all over the world. At that time, I also announced that I was looking for a partner for my son but with no result.

I have looked for Josué ́s partner for 15 years, Heavenly Parent. I know that you have prepared someone for him, because you are our parent. I will never give up hope!” This was my prayer all the time.

In the autumn of that same year, our couple registered as a Cheon Bo Family. It was very precious for us. I really felt that all our ancestors are so happy. I will never forget this day, because it was anniversary of the day that my husband joined the church 40 years ago and also the anniversary of the day that we were matched 38 years ago in Korea. So, we were suggested as a representative couple to offer flowers to True Mother.

After 43 days being registered as a Cheon Bo Family, suddenly a friend called to inform me that in Italy there is one family who has a daughter with a similar situation to Josué, and we were invvited to contact this family. Can you imagine how much my heart was jumping with hope? I contacted the family immediately and started a condition to offer 50 bows every day until the day of the Blessing.

Afterwards we got to know each other and started the matching process. We always asked for guidance from the matching supporter on how to proceed. They helped and guided us so well about the workshops and preparation for the Blessing. Without their help, my son and his partner could not have received the Blessing.

Special thanks to the Special Needs department, led by Mrs. Lisa Janssen, the BDF staff and NL Sérgio for their guidance so that this new couple could receive the Cosmic Blessing.

Josue received the Blessing in our own home with an online connection. He was so happy. When True Mother prayed, he prayed with a deeply grateful heart while holding the photo of his partner.

Surely, they cannot live together on earth due to their situation, but they can live together in Heaven eternally. I hope that I can have the opportunity to travel to Italy together with my son so that he can meet with his partner and we can enjoy a short walk together.
Heavenly Parents, thank you and we love you!!
                                                                                                      Kiyoko Oliveira (Portugal) 6000 couples

George, Blessed Child from Brazil and Sarah, Blessed Child from Lebanon received the Blessing in Korea

First of all, we are very grateful to God and True Parents for allowing us to have a once in a lifetime experience in Korea. Our journey to the Blessing was not an easy one; we had challenges, both externally and internally. However, along the way, with each step, we felt God and True Parents helping us and making sure that everything went well. This help was manifested through the support of Orlande and the EUME BFD team. It was truly a miracle that we could both, after so many obstacles, touch the holy ground of Korea and attend the Blessing, standing in front of True Mother.

We feel that the Blessing is the start of a new journey. It is not only the ceremony itself, but also the continuous experience that we share with each other as a couple, learning together, growing together and experiencing God together.

As a couple, we understand that there is a lot to learn. However, we resolve to take full responsibility and ownership of the Blessing that was bestowed upon us from God and True Parents. We will pass on the truth and spirit to the next generations and we promise to create a family that God can dwell in.
Thank you, True Mother! We love you eternally and beyond!

Martin, Blessed Child from France and Stephanie, Blessed Child from Austria received the Blessing in Vienna, Austria

It´s really a privellage and a big responsibility to have been able to receive the Blessing. Even though we couldn’t attend the Blessing in Korea, we are still very grateful for the opportunity to have received the Blessing here in Vienna, Austria.

We really want to achieve and fulfill the vision of one family under God. We could witness how God is working throughout our process and even before, prior to receive the Blessing. We are really grateful to God & True Parents for all their sacrifices that they made and the foundations that were laid. Both of us are willing to make the efforts needed to continue True Parents vision, that can be past on to our next generations.

Once again we want to thank everyone involved to make the Blessing possible.