24+ Matching Support workshop

24+ Matching Support Workshop for 2nd+ gen. and parents, 25th – 27th November 2022:


Last month BFD-EUME organized a Matching Support workshop for 2nd+gen candidates of at least 24 years of age and their parents. The workshop was held in Neumühle, Bad Camberg and had around 35 participants from various countries in our region and even beyond. Through Zoom we could also have live talks from speakers who couldn’t travel to the workshop.

The goal of this workshop was to support young adults in this age group and their parents, in taking the next step in their or their child’s Matching journey. The motto of the workshop was: “5 Steps Towards your Matching and Blessing”. The 5 steps were the topics of the lectures, but the 3-day interactive program also included activities, long breaks and discussions, to provide opportunities to get to know each other as well as time to share about their personal experiences with present BFD staff members, matching supporters, coaches and counsellors.

On Friday evening we heard a welcoming message and a reflection on the topic of Blessing from Orlande Schenk, our EUME Blessing Department Director. Saturday was focused on the first 3 steps: “Space and Time for God” with Armando Lozano, “Leaving my Past Behind and Stepping Forward” with Heidi Mayr and “Getting Myself Ready” with Rafael Guignard.
During the long break in the afternoon, participants had the possibility to meet one on one with staff or to go for a walk around the beautiful nature in Neumühle.
The latter part of the day gave everyone the chance to engage in short and longer discussions in three
different formats:

  • Brothers’ talk, sisters’ talk and parents’ session
  • Small random groups of 3
  • Candidates’ discussion in small groups, parents’ discussion.

    On Sunday we talked about the last two steps: “Changing My Life” with Jane Toresen and Francesca Cirelli, and had time for “Reflection: My Beliefs and Next Steps”. Before closing, we had the chance to listen to the Matching testimony of past 24+ Candidates and their Parents: Sebastian and Daria Mahler, and Christopher and Martha Kral. Hearing all four viewpoints on this Matching process was very precious for both candidates and parents.

    We are so grateful to Heavenly Parent and True Parents for the possibility to hold this workshop in person, to provide the time and space for candidates and parents to stop, reflect and find a new determination for the future.
    Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to making this workshop a great success and a step forward on the path towards the Blessing.

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Some feedback from the participants:

-I was completely moved by the honesty of the testimonies. What I’m left with is a powerful message
that it doesn’t really matter what we struggle with as long as we take responsibility for it. Then we can
become victors. […] It is okay to reach out for help when I’m struggling. Thank you!

-I had the opportunity to take time to reflect and get in atmosphere to reflect deeper.