Advice from Blessed Couples

Read answers from different Blessed Couples about preparing for married life:

Questions 1 & 2:

What were the main challenges you experienced in your first year living together?

What were the key decisions and efforts you made to overcome these challenges?

Questions 3 & 4:

What did you do to build a relationship with your spouse’s family?

Any other advice you would give to newly Blessed couples?


“You must pay more attention to the true meaning of your marriage…All your blessings in the future begin from your marriage. According to the maturity and genuineness of your love, the real blessings of life will come to you. Those couples who maintain their appreciation for the special age we have been born into, continuously praising the love of True Parents and feeling truly grateful for everything that comes to them will realize the deepest blessing in life.” Ideal Family and Ideal World