CIG Standard

We encourage all those applying for the Blessing to take time to reflect on the meaning of the Blessing and to prepare seriously for it. True Parents have established the Cheon-­Il­‐Guk standard for receiving the Blessing. All Second Generation should prepare, and be guided towards the Blessing, according to this standard.

  • Blessing candidates must be pure. Any mistakes in the sexual area should be resolved prior to the matching and blessing.
  • Blessing candidates should be willing to cross cultural, national and racial
  • Blessing candidates must be committed to keeping the Blessing for eternity – to love his/her spouse and build a God-­centered family together.
  • They must be willing to lead a life of public service after the Blessing.
  • They must be at least 18 years old.
  • They must have received approval by the Second Generation Blessing Department to go to the Blessing

As mentioned above, it is important that we prepare well internally for the Blessing. Please contact a Blessed Family Department (BFD) Leader to conduct the Blessing interview. If you need to resolve any issues in the area of purity, please consult them and be open to be guided in your spiritual path, to set the right conditions to be able to participate in the matching and Blessing process.