Parents Matching
Second Generation candidates should be matched by their parents. Currently there is no planned matching by True Parents. However, it is possible that True Parents may announce a matching again; in that case a separate memo will be sent out with detailed instructions.

Matching Website
Matching applicants and their families may choose to use the International Matching Website to assist them in their search for a spouse. Please note that this not a mandatory part of the matching process but is an optional tool intended to assist families in their search. You can find the International Matching Website here: or

The candidate is able register on the website and create a personal profile. (Please refer to the matching website for further detailed instructions). After the candidate has been approved, the parents will receive a password and will be able to view the profiles of other candidates. Please remember that signing up for the matching website is a separate process and does not replace the official Blessing Application process.

  1. Before starting with the matching
    Before starting with the Matching Process the Candidate and Parents should contact the national BFD Leader. First the candidate has to conduct the Interview and Confession and the parents should seek a talk with BFD leader how to start the matching process.
  2. Upload of the Blessing Application of the Candidate
    We strongly recommend before starting with a matching process to finalize the Blessing Application. Please upload your blessing Application at
  3. Matching Process
    Once the candidate has given their consent to their parents to begin the matching process, the parents can start to look for a match for their child. Parents are welcome to use the available tools, such as the matching website or the parents convocations that are organised by Blessed Family Departments around the world. Alternatively, they are free to find a match for their child in any other way God guides them. It is strongly advised that parents first communicate with the parents of potential matches, rather than approaching the match him/herself.
  4. Confirmation of Matching
    As soon as parents have found a possible candidate for their child and the parents of both applicants agree, as well as the applicants themselves, they must notify their Second Generation Blessing Department (Please use the Matching Report Form; available here). The regional Second Generation Blessing Department in turn, will present the application to the respective Continental Directors, who will report the matching to True Parents. This last step will officially confirm the couple as ready to be Blessed. Please do not make the match official until all parties (both candidates and their parents) are completely sure and willing to commit to the matching. Matching-report-form-v08.2017
  5. Blessing
    Only officially confirmed couples from European Second Generation Blessing Department will be eligible to participate in the Blessing officiated by True Parents.


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