Blessed Lifestyle

“The man will become the right foot and the woman the left, and we will find happiness through making a family that leaves footprints of love for humanity and for God.”  – S.M.M.


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Before the Blessing

“When you invest beyond your limits and even your life, the power of true love generates ten thousand times more energy…The more you set the power of true love in motion, the greater it will grow so that you can embrace the world, the universe and even God.” Cheon Seong Gyeong, Book 3, Chapter 1 … Continue reading Before the Blessing

After the Blessing

“The life of a married person is such that man and woman stand as complements to each other—comforting each other when they feel lonely, sharing joy together when the feel joy and giving each other strength during difficulties.”– True Father Below you’ll find information about living a spiritual lifestyle as a couple. Spiritual Traditions Personal … Continue reading After the Blessing


“Children are God with very small hearts.”– True Father, autobiography  p 196 Here you’ll find information about parenting with a spiritual lifestyle in mind.   Spiritual Traditions Personal Development Sexual Integrity   Advice from other Blessed families Resources/Recommendations Support Network of healers and counselors   Some inspiring projects for your children and family that you … Continue reading Parenthood