Details on the Blessing Application

All Information of the Candidate should be uploaded on our Blessing Application Online Website: We ensure that the information you provide for us on the Website will not be passed on and stays confidential.

Every 2nd+ Generation Matching Candidate can register on this Website and has an overview of his or her Blessing Application status.

  1. Personal and Family Information
  2. Individual interview / confession
  3. Participation in a Blessing preparation workshop
  4. In depth understanding of Divine Principle (21 day workshop)
  5. Completion of a 3 day fast
  6. 2 full size photographs, Portrait and full body
  7. Health statement
  8. HIV Test

1. Personal and Family Information

The Personal and Family Information provides us wit the basic information of the Candidate, his current studies and work and an overview of his family.

2. Interview and Confession

It is important that we prepare well internally for the Blessing. Please contact your national Blessed Family Department (BFD) Leader to conduct the Blessing interview and Confession. Only an approved Person from the BFD can conduct the Interview and Confession.

The Interview and Confession is separated in 2 parts:

In the Interview the Candidate will be asked to share their understanding of the value of the Blessing, understanding of the tradition of the Parents Matching and if he/ she kept their purity for the Blessing/ or restored their purity through a Special Grace

in the Confession the candidate should share about any regrets or wrong doings in area of sexuality but also to reflect on ones current lifestyle. The Confession should help the candidate to free themselves from any burden or anything that is weighing him or her down. Together with the Interviewer the can decide on certain choices how to change habits in their lifestyle.

Please keep in mind that the Interview and Confession should be done before starting a matching process.

NEW Interview Form 2023!
You will receive the form from the Interviewer.

3. Matching & Blessing Preparation Workshop

An official Second Generation+ Matching & Blessing Preparation Workshop must be completed before attending the Blessing. The Workshop should have been completed within the last 2 years. In Europe we offer twice a year a Blessing preparation workshop. Please upload a scanned copy of the official certificate to the Blessing Application Website.

4. 21 Day Workshop

A 21 Day Workshop must have been completed. We do not accept single days. The 21 day workshop helps you to get a deeper understanding of our education and can provide a deep spiritual experience. Please inform us which workshop you participated in, with approximate dates.

5. 3 Day Fast

A 3 day Fast needs to be completed as a condition prior to receiving the Blessing. Once you have completed it, please inform us of the dates that it was carried out.

6. Photographs

Please provide 2x A4 color photographs of the candidates’ Head and Full body, according to the specifications below:

  • One full body picture (candidate standing)
  • one portrait picture (Head until shoulders)
  • Photos should be clear, taken indoors against a plain background
  • Please dress nicely with proper shoes
  • Please remember should represent you in front of God and True Parents. Thus please make sure that the pictures are of good quality.
  • Please upload pictures in portrait format (not landscape!)

The pictures can be uploaded directly on our Blessing Application Website.

Further recommendations:

You may wish to provide one family picture. (Recommended, but not mandatory). To ensure that the photos are of a high quality, we also recommend that you take the pictures at a professional photo studio, where possible.

7. Health Statement

This is a short statement about the health of the candidate, that can be found on the Blessing Application Website. If there are no major health problems, please simply sign the health statement on the Blessing Application Website, declaring the absence of any health problems. If the candidate does have health problems, please state them on the Blessing Application Website and include a brief description.

Health problems that need to be mentioned include:
  • Genetic diseases
  • Mental illnesses
  • Medication over a longer period of time
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDS)
  • HIV/AIDS infection
  • Etc.
Health problems that do not need to be mentioned:
  • Temporary diseases
  • Broken bones
  • Near or far-sighteness

8. HIV Test

In addition to the health statement, an AIDS/HIV test needs to be submitted. This needs to be conducted by a doctor or at a hospital. Please make sure that it is clearly visible on the test, that the candidate is HIV negative.

We would like to assure candidates that the results of the test will remain confidential and will not be published .