Preparation for the Matching

What kind of preparation is needed and recommended on the way to the matching…

PREPARATION steps towards matching and blessing

The preparation for the matching is an internal process for both parents and children. The more parents and children are prepared and create a trusting and loving relationship the more you will benefit from it in the matching process. It is important to lay a foundation and to invite God into the process.

1. Matching and Blessing Guidebook

Read together the Matching and Blessing Guidebook . It will help to get started and guide you to make the right preparations and steps towards matching.
link to the Matching and Blessing Guidebook

2. Interview and Confession

The interview and confession is the most important step in preparation to the matching and blessing. The candidate needs to reflect honestly about his past life but also about his current lifestyle and habits.

Before starting with the matching process the candidates needs to complete the interview and confession with the a BFD staff

3. Blessing Preparation Workshop

The Blessing preparation workshop is designed for parents and children to get a deeper understanding of the Matching Blessing and it gives space to share and discuss deeper about it.

4. 21-Day Workshop

It is very essential to have a deeper understanding of the Divine Principle but also to strengthen your own spirituality in a longer Workshop.