Testimony 1 by 1st Generation

Female, Blessed 2020, matched for 2 years before being Blessed, first Generation

  1. Since the first moment I heard about the Blessing I was so amazed by it, and at the same time I thought that this is a very high ideal, so I need to prepare myself very well. I started to do conditions of devotion all the time (so many different offerings), and doing mission in the Center, studying DP every day and giving lectures. It was a great help to live together with brothers and sisters because I could learn and overcome many things in my character in relationship to them. I now understand that this was a good experience to help me understand and make a better relationship with my future husband.
  2. My parents were supportive towards the movement and because of this they tried to support my decision to apply for the Blessing. I also shared with them how it was going with my application. However, this situation changed from the moment when I received the name of my match. After that many things became difficult, because the brother suggested as my match was almost completely the opposite of what my parents were expecting. After the matching I offered conditions continuously together with the brother that I was matched with. This helped my family. I also shared more honestly and sincerely with my mother about my desire to attend True Parents and to create a good family through this matching.
  3. During the matching process the situation in my family was not an easy one. Now we are trying to maintain a healthy good relationship with them. This process helped both sides to grow our hearts, change our concepts and accept each other.
  4. It is a little bit difficult question for me to answer because it took a lot of time to decide. It was not an easy process for me. My family’s reaction to my matching affected me a lot, and there was a point when I found myself having the same expectations as my family. But on the other side, I had promised Heavenly Parent that I would accept the person that gave me. In my prayers I said to God that I wanted just one person in my life, the one that he would choose for me and that I would believe 100% that he is the right one. When difficulties started to arise, I found myself shaking in my promise to God, but God was showing me that promise over and over again through my prayers, my devotions and my dreams. Because of the attitude and support of the brother I was matched with, I felt that God sometimes gives us what we need not what we want.
  5. I wished that I could have worked much more in developing my relationships with people, to embrace them, challenge my concepts and expectations, and make the ideal of Blessing more practical.

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