Testimony 2 by 1st Generation

pedro and veronika

Pedro and Veronika were introduced to each other and Blessed in 2012. Pedro is a Jacob child whose parents were Blessed when he was 4 years old, began serious spiritual devotion in 2006 when he was 18 years old and applied for the matching in October 2009. He went through introductions twice, including a ‘heavenly courtship’ which lasted 6 months in 2010 – 2011. Veronika joined CARP in Czech Republic during 2006 and applied for the matching in September 2010. This was her first introduction. I remember how serious Pedro was during their courtship and the 40 days of separation after the Blessing to read True Father’s speeches as a way to prepare for their life together.

I was very serious when preparing for matching and I tried to set up many meaningful conditions that would be at the same time good for my personal development. It took me some time to even decide for it, so after I decided I was trying to use everything that came as an opportunity to prepare myself for my future partner. After one and half years of waiting it came and it was intense. I felt connected with Pedro somehow from the beginning. When we were introduced, I was so nervous and emotional. We were at a European-wide meeting and were introduced very soon after seeing each other’s profiles. Still when I think back, I remember that it was for me like a miracle to meet Pedro, our lives and personalities were in some way sooo similar, but at the same time different… .After a few days of skype meetings I felt that I am sure about going for matching with Pedro. It was very romantic time skyping with Pedro. And now we are living together in Prague and we went through many ups and downs already, but I can see that it makes our relationship stronger and represents the first building blocks of our blessed family life. Even it is not always easy, I really love Pedro and feel strongly that he is huge blessing given to me for which I am very grateful to God.

My preparation for matching was done mostly through prayer but also through the development of my qualities so that I could be a good partner. Being introduced was a beautiful and intense experience, it seemed like we had known each other for a long time. During our 21 day “Heavenly Courtship” period, we communicated mostly through skype and email and now we are living in Prague and working with CARP, we love each other very much and we hope to bring an exemplary family in the future.

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