Testimony BC 25+ 3

1. What were the main challenges you experienced in getting matched?

Dealing with the social pressure. Firstly from my parents who for three years were looking for a matching without succeeding. Secondly from my peers – most of them were already in a relationship;0 this made me feel that I was stuck and that I had less value than others. I felt the process of getting matched was quite limited and frustrating, my character wants to get things done quickly! I tried to find someone in many ways but without success. I felt that I had to try, because I don’t believe that waiting (and doing nothing) is the answer.

2. What were the key decisions and efforts you made to overcome these challenges?

One of the key decisions was to tell to myself that was all right. It’s fine to be single, and my life is so precious! Regardless of what society tells us about what is normal or not normal, I am free to choose, I am free to love.

3. What would you have done differently/what misjudgements or mistakes would you advise not to do?

Instead of focusing so much on finding someone, I should have focused on being my best self!

4. What lessons have you learned through your journey to getting matched?

I have learned that I should love myself more. I should respect myself, that’s the only way we can love another person.

5. What would you say to another Blessed Child over 25 who is making efforts to get matched and Blessed?

I would say, ‘Be your best self’. Set your heart free from any pressure or possessive feelings; love is free. That said, practical details do matter.

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