Testimony BC 25+ 6

1. What were the main challenges you experienced in getting matched?

Finding the right person even though I had travelled to other places outside of my home region of Australia and New Zealand. I felt the stress and pressure of getting older and not knowing how to approach getting matched: putting myself out there despite feeling a bit hopeless, trying to not feel desperate. It felt as though I was putting my life on hold despite wanting to move forward.

2. What were the key decisions and efforts you made to overcome these challenges?

Trusting that God can work through other people to help me find a match. Deciding to take the matching into my own hands (to be proactive) and not just relying on my parents, although having their support was much needed.

I decided to try many different ways of getting to know other people. For example, I attended various workshops, traveling and meeting people in other communities. I allowed myself to relax about my age. I was willing to pursue a potential matching possibility and take the opportunities that come (even if they don’t work out).

3. What would you have done differently or what would you advise others not to do?

I would probably say that the times when I wasn’t fully committed to the process was when I had any sort of difficult experiences. For example, I was really not excited about the matching website but thought I SHOULD do it to make progress. That attitude really didn’t help me progress and made me feel quite frustrated at the whole process even more. Being excited about or committed to the approach is something that I should have paid more attention to – it is a very exciting thing! Having an impatient attitude when you’re waiting can leave you blocked and frustrated. Being matched and blessed now, I can say that it was completely worth the wait. I wish I had allowed myself to enjoy other areas in life a bit more instead of focusing on the frustration.

4. What lessons have you learned through your journey to getting matched?

God knows you better than you might think. Drawing up an image of the kind of life I would like to live and the person I could see myself with allowed me to find my soulmate. I learned that it’s important to have faith that you can reach your goal and target even if it seems impossible because it only takes one little link to connect you to that person. I’m so happy that I didn’t give up and persevered!

5. What would you say to another Blessed Child over 25 who is making efforts to get matched and Blessed?

While waiting, keep yourself busy! Even though it might be one of your main focuses don’t allow yourself be completely consumed by it. I started a few new hobbies to keep my mind in a healthy and positive state. Don’t become inactive because you feel desperate but be decisive about the kind of person you would like to meet and could see yourself with.

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