Testimony BC 3

Blessed Child 3

Female, Blessed 2017, matched for 2 years before getting Blessed

1. What did you do to prepare yourself internally before starting the matching process and during the matching process?

I read as much as I could on matching, be that guidance and testimonies. Being the nerd that I am, I needed to know as much as possible to feel like I was considering all the aspects of it. I talked to matched friends about it, to my older brother who was already Blessed, I “talked” to myself about it by keeping a journal. I did several praying/bowing/fasting conditions since I decided to put myself on the website. That helped me feeling like I was actively doing something towards it. I talked to my dad about it, which is not the easiest thing for us, so I asked him to join me in a prayer condition. During the process I did some crazy 40 min prayer conditions before every skype call we had. It helped me calm myself and keep the focus on the important things, by trying to catch God’s perspective on things.

2. What were some challenges you faced in communicating with your parents during the matching process and what specific actions did you take to overcome these challenges?

My mother is in the Spirit World, so including her and communicating with her was a challenge. Praying helped. I imagined her listening and being there. I think she is. The issue in talking to my dad was the awkwardness, and feeling that he seemed to take everything so lightly, with so much faith and positivity, while I was an emotional ball. We tried to be as open as possible about it and that helped, as well as doing a prayer condition together.

3. How has the matching process impacted your relationship with your parents overall?

It has improved it a lot, it made it easier to talk about other things too. Even though they have obviously done so much for me before the matching, that was the first clear step we took together in my life. I feel so grateful, and they seem invested in our couple.

4. How did you ultimately decide that this is the person you wanted to be matched to?

Externally: did a fasting and praying condition and got away from everyone but Heavenly Parent (HP) to make this decision. Internally: I felt that HP had put this person in front of me, offered us each other, and was not pushing or pressing for a particular decision. I felt that HP was going to accept and support either choice of mine, because somehow both would have worked out fine. So I accepted it, because the person had not given me any reason to say no, and I felt that we could make it work.

5. Is there something you wish you had known, or worked on more, before entering the matching process?

I wish I had been aware of the challenge of being myself in a matching process, instead of wanting to please others (not with my partner but with his family). Also of the realistic consequences of an international matching and Blessing. I wish we had discussed more the delicate topics that should be discussed during the process, in a place of trust and honesty.

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