Testimony BC 4

Blessed Child 4

Male, Blessed 2017, matched for 2 years before getting Blessed

1. What did you do to prepare yourself internally before starting the matching process and during the matching process?

I had done prayers and talked to my parents a lot.

2. What were some challenges you faced in communicating with your parents during the matching process and what specific actions did you take to overcome these challenges?

The issue was that I went through more than one matching process and my parents talked to others about it. That caused some issues since people were talking to me about my processes which had already ended. When I realised what was happening I specifically told my parents not to share anything about my matching without before conferring with me, no matter how excited they might be about it.

3. How has the matching process impacted your relationship with your parents overall?

I’d say it helped me learn a lot about my parents, but it has also helped them learn a lot about us. I was the first one to get matched in our family and they had a fair bit to learn. But it actually improved my relationship with them. We talk about more things nowadays as a result of it.

4. How did you ultimately decide that this is the person you wanted to be matched to?

She gave me no reason to say no. And it felt like Heavenly Parent wanted us to be together.

5. Is there something you wish you had known, or worked on more, before entering the matching process?

Honest communication. Being truly honest and open in communication with myself and my partner early on would have saved us a lot of pain and misunderstandings.

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