Testimony BC 5

Male, Blessed 2020, matched for 2 years

The way to the Blessing has been a real journey for me, a journey into my spirit and a discovery of my character. I am referring to the process that led my spouse and I – first of all to be matched – and then to find sincerity and harmony in our relationship, before going to the Blessing. At times things have been difficult, sometimes very difficult. But one of the things that helped us to break through was trying and investing, with the belief that God was behind what we were trying to build. Solutions came when we had the difficult conversations that made us honestly communicate about the issues between us. That is when we started to truly embrace and understand each other.

The families we come from are quite different in many ways and so we have grown up differently. Also, the way we expressed ourselves was quite different, with me being the less expressive one. This made it difficult for me to communicate with her. With patience and understanding, we were able to solve these issues. I am very grateful that my spouse was able to listen to my unexpressed needs, which I know was not easy.

Our matching process before the Blessing was relatively long (the process began two years before the Blessing). We decided that we would not hold hands, because I personally felt that was something that would have created a stronger bond that I didn’t want to experience before the Blessing. Instead, we managed to reach a good internal connection as I explained before. And after the Blessing, experiencing being together, without any constraint (because from then on we would have been married) was for me a way to fully express my heart and how much I loved my spouse. The earliest days of our Blessing, just holding hands was such a thrilling experience for me! I am glad we decided to save this experience for our married life.

The Blessing event was a very joyful moment. We, as a couple, had the chance to be one of the representative couples that received the Blessing rings from our True Mother. Being there on stage, my mind was very focused on doing things right (walking correctly, bowing properly, etc.). So, I could not experience the moment we received the rings from our True Mother as very special. But I have to say that I did have a moment on stage when I became emotional. Before the Ring Ceremony, we were standing before True Mother and I looked at the “representative ring couple” from America. The husband was a friend of mine with whom I had spent meaningful time in Cheong Pyeong some years before. Being together with him at this ceremony, and especially coming together before True Parents, felt very special and I was moved. It is such a great thing that in our movement we celebrate marriage all together. We are one family.

After the Blessing we spent some days in Seoul, visiting places, meeting other newly Blessed couples and creating our first memories as Blessed couple. I am aware that we are just at the beginning and married life will bring more and more joys and challenges. We are confident that through trust, good communication and God’s presence, we can create an ever-growing loving relationship that manifests God’s ideal on earth.

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