Testimony Blessed Wife 1

Blessed 2009, 3 Kids, matched by TP

No matter how many relationship books and blogs I read before being Blessed and how long I ‘dreamed’ about being a loving wife. My husband challenged and frustrated me more than any other person in my life before. Spending so much time together and so intimately, also brings up things we really don’t like in each other. When we were first Blessed, I was so scared to get into our first argument. When it actually happened it wasn’t so bad, we were both understanding and wanting to resolve it.

What I didn’t know is that there are certain issues that come up again and again as a conflict.  THIS is where you can start to feel ‘stuck’ and question your relationship because it seems ‘impossible’ to get over this issue. It feels lonely and maybe embarrassing to talk with someone else about this but this is exactly the time when you need support. I had a few close friends that were Blessed and I started sharing what I was going through and asking for advice. Learning from them that they also have certain things they continually argue about was such a relief. “Oh wow they go through this too!” It gave me more encouragement to keep working through the difficulties and trust that we were growing closer through them.

When you’re struggling alone and not talking with anyone, you only have your own thoughts. Those thoughts can quickly turn into doubts that something is wrong with you or your spouse.  When you can talk with other couples and hear their stories, you’re reminded that conflict is just a normal part of marriage that everyone goes through – again and again.

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