Testimony Blessed Wife 2

Blessed 2004, 3 Kids, matched by parents

The way i see it to be a blessed couple is like a journey.

I guess when I was blessed I was rather naïve what it means to be a Blessed Couple and I had some strong Ideas and concepts about what it means to be a couple. Not very healthy ones though. My biggest references were Hollywood movies which are not really showing accurate relationship views. So it was a bit of a surprise after a while to see that not everything is happy joyful butterflies all the time. But it was all comforting to realize that every couple actually goes through up and downs and that I am not the only one with problems. And that sometimes we need help from someone else who helps us to work through stuff.

I guess what I learnt after more than 15 years being blessed and having a few kids is that communication is a big key in a marriage. It’s still not very easy for me to communicate since I came from a family where this was not practice. Communication is a bit of simple word but I am more talking about to share your heart and feelings with someone and to allow differences in opinions without feeling hurt towards each other.

One other key point is patience and not giving up to easily. Sometimes it takes time to work through things and sometimes one person in the couple just needs time and space to work on it by him or herself, nothing should be forced or pushed and this is also what I had to accept.

We have to try to understand each other’s heart, situation and background where one comes from. I also learned unfortunately in many difficult ways that I cannot change another person. But the only person I can change is myself and how I see and accept things and that love is the only key to move someone else’s heart.

One big support or consistency that helped me a lot, accept other people, is to have a healthy spiritual life. Connecting daily to God and reading of TP words just gave me a lot of support and strength to stay positive even though circumstances were maybe tough in my own relationship and family. Sharing with God honestly about problems gave me strength and I realized solutions and help was always around and on its way. Overall it made me connect on a deeper level to God and TP and that I am grateful for.

Being a couple means to constantly investing in each other. And more than once I realized that love has to be in the center than there is space to evolve.

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