Testimony Parents 1

How did you, as parents, prepare yourselves before starting a matching process for your child? And what kind of preparations did you make together with your child?

For our first child we did not so much preparation, for the second child we went through the Blessing Handbook to understand what were my sons desires and goals. We came to a common understanding. We also did a condition together.


What tools did you find helpful in your task to find a partner for your child?

Reading the Family Matching Handbook was very helpful but otherwise I just communicated with friends and other leaders to find a good match. I didn’t feel comfortable to put my son’s picture on the website.


What were the main challenges you experienced when matching your child?

My first son was matched by True Father and very obedient. My second son was very opinionated and immature at first, so it was difficult to communicate effectively. I found it difficult to decide if he was really ready and also difficult to have patience in him.


Do you have any advice for parents who are preparing to match their child?

You need to communicate well. Also I suggest using a Matching Supporter is very helpful because it avoids the emotional baggage that we all have with our own children. Also be patient and make sure they receive lots of education from the official channels so they can understand the importance of the Matching process and the Blessing.

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