Testimony by a MC1

Received the Blessing at Hyeojong Cosmic Blessing 2020, Korea

I, Reena, and my spouse, Bhagwan Das, are from Pakistan. We received the Blessing in the presence of our Precious True Mother. We are grateful to be part of this Heavenly event, following True Parent’s path of love and peace and our lives have been totally changed. True Parents help us in many ways. After receiving the Blessing, we experienced happiness through True Parents guidance. Our marriage became beautiful and we hope to become an ideal couple and ideal parents and serve as much as we can to spread True Parents vision and message of “One family under God”. Thanks to my Omma, Marilyn Angelucci, for giving us this Heavenly experience and thanks to the officiating couple, who educated us about Blessing and shared their beautiful experiences about how it felt being a Blessed Couple. We had a special emotional and memorable moment when we went through the “Stick Ceremony”  in very special way in the presence of True Parents. It was as if True Parents were watching us. Thanks to our elder sisters Orlande and Patrizia who made that moment very special for us and really took good care of us. The Blessing is a gift from True Parents to humankind and we must understand how much God loves us and why marriage is the most important and the most beautiful part of human life. Our precious True Parents came to this world to guide us to walk God’s path of love and spread peace and love. The Blessing makes marriage meaningful and we became more respectful and more responsible towards each other.


Reena & Bhagwan Das from Pakistan


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