Living in the Four Great Realms of Heart

Hungary 27th and 28th September 2008
Balloon Game
It was a chilly Autumn weekend when Ashley and I arrived in Budapest. This was my second time to visit there, the first being in 1990 when I went to help prepare for a 21 day workshop for 400 Soviet University Students. It was winter – and I saw white swans walking on a frozen lake, and although it was a very exciting time for our movement there, the city and the Houses of Parliament ( which are modelled on our Westminster Houses of Parliament ) were gray with winter cold and decades of accumulated grime. This time everything was clean and bright, and we were warmly embraced by 40 members – many young Blessed Couples among them, in the dignified Bekehaz ( Peace House ).

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Family Constellations and the Personal Development

by Susan Crosthwaite

In 1995 when True Parents ‘globalised’ the Blessing people began coming to the ceremony with far less preparation that those who had been Blessed before that time. This led to by no means all, but many relationships ending in what came to be called the ‘breaking of the Blessing’. I began counselling members who had experienced one, two or even three matchings which never came to the fulfilment of the Blessing! It was greatly troubling for me, not to mention the pain of broken hearts for those going through this! I have also been very concerned that the dignity and value of the Blessing itself was being eroded and damaged.

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Family Constellations and the Personal Development Seminar

by Susan Crostwhaite

Wouldn’t it be great if we could go back into the past – into our family of origin – and look there and say what I needed to say, and be embraced when I needed to be, and forgive those who hurt me, and stand up for myself now, when I couldn’t when I was little? I have been doing that through my prayers, meditation, healing work at Chyeong Pyeong and elsewhere, and my daily relationships, for many years.

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