Advice from other Blessed Couples

“What if both men and women expressed their feelings in the same way, with both of them seeping or laughing very strongly? That would not be so good for the stability of the family. God figured all these things out. Men and women are essentially the same, yet very different in expression; they are so different sometimes, they irritate each other. However, that is the way of harmony. Within love, these two different natures are bound to be harmonious.” Ideal Family and Ideal World

Choose a question and read answers from different Blessed Couples:

Questions 1&2:

How did you find solutions together when you disagreed as a couple?

How did you decide which spiritual traditions you wanted to follow together as a couple?

Questions 3&4:

What does building a God-centered marriage mean to you? What do you do, practically, to bring God into your marriage?


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