Questions 3 & 4 (After Blessing)

What does building a God-centered marriage mean to you? What do you do, practically, to bring God into your marriage? 

2nd gen couple Blessed for 6 years

Wife: Essentially, to me it means to have an environment, a culture in our couple and family, where God can feel welcome. It entails having a certain standard and considering God especially in bigger life decisions. It also means being sincere with each other and also to seek out the god within me, and the god within my husband and supporting each other in growing that godliness within ourselves – being kind, being loving, being unselfish, but also being hopeful, being honest. Partially it is setting time aside for each of us individually to connect to God and we try to serve our community as a couple as well. But practically…We are still exploring how to center our marriage on God. It has been difficult to build habits like HDH and prayer as a couple together.

Husband: This is what I find challenging. We both are quite committed and like to put God first. Over the past years, our spare time has been dedicated to helping with workshops, programs, church community and checking on other blessed family members. We have always been on the same page about allocating time to what we see as our mission and if we are asked to help, we contribute as we can.

Another aspect concerns HDH and prayer, which have been a little bit more difficult for us to do together. I often read HDH by myself, as I like it as part of starting the day, where as she is used to reading when ending the day. Sometimes we come together and read a little in the evening. It feels like we’re just doing what we’re used to from how we grew up and we still need to find a better way we can incorporate it especially as a habit to continue with our children.