Life is busy and it can be hard to find time to connect with other couples in our international community.

MMM – Make the Most of Marriage is an EUME-BFD initiative that provides a regular online event which gives couples the opportunity to listen and share from the comfort of their sofa.

Creating a thriving community of fulfilled blessed couples.

You want to be invited for every upcoming session of MMM just write us an email:

Check our previous sessions:

Session #1: Creating a vision for your couple by Rafael Guignard

Session #2: Safe Conversation by Patrizia Olivero

Session #4: What True Parents taught us about a Happy Marriage by Michael and Fumiko Balcomb.

Session #5: The 4 C’s of connection by Yun-A Johnson

Session #6: Becoming a Child of God by Bayarma Efremova

Session #7: How family patterns influence our marriages by Jonathan Makkonen

Session #8: Letting God Love by Justin Okamoto

Session #9: Paradoxical Theory of Change by Margoth Tove Kalstad

Session #10: The dynamics of Love and Beauty in Marriage by Stephen Stacey

Session #11: Focus! by Matthew Huish

Session #12: Unconditional Love by David Perry

Session #13: The H-Art of Communication by Roger and Daniela Wetherall

Session #14: DEEP Relationships by Andrei and Diana Esanu

Session #15: Investing in your marriage by Alan and Doris McCann

Session #16: BBB; Boost your Balance, be a Blessing by Gabor and Manjola Vasmatics

Session #18: Finding the key to your child’s heart by Hilde Wiemann

Session #19: Conjugal love between transcendence and immanence by Giuseppe Calì

Session #20: Understanding the essence of your spouse by Daniel Lindström

Session #21: How we overcame postpartum depression together by Andrew and Uyanga Love

Russian Version

Session #22: Creating Connection and Belonging in your Family by Myrna Lapres

Russian Version

Session #23: Intimacy by David and Mitsue Wolfenberger

Russian Version

Session #24: Summit on “Effective Roads to Healing”

Russian Version

Italian Version

Session #25: Cultivating Fondness and Admiration by Maarten and Myra Meijer

Russian Version