Preparing for Children

Read answers from different couples about their experience preparing for and having children.

How did you decide personally and as a couple that you were ready to have children?

1st gen couple with 2 children under 6 years

Wife: Well, the desire was there for a while. Imagining little me and little ones from my man was nice. questioning how they would be, how they would like alike… i wanted to study (midwifery) but never came in… Having children was a big part of my life’s plan. So since the studies didn’t work out and i wasn’t ready to wait again and again. ( i had been waiting for a while back then), i thought ok whatever, waiting is doing us no good, let’s go for it. I took us almost 2 years…

I always had the desire to have children. While I was studying my wife was trying to get
into the midwife school. We thought of first getting our studies done. After she got another negative reply we decided that there was no point in waiting longer, especially because we both
wanted a big family and there is a time limit.


What did you focus on (individually and as a couple) when preparing to become parents?

1st gen couple with 2 children under 6 years

Wife: I wanted to be followed by a woman doctor. I found out I had a condition possibly making it harder to conceive. Trying the soft way, I went to a TCM Doctor. At that time, following what needed to be done was hard. I went as well to a Gyn Dr. specialized for the desire to have kids. There, considering my condition, the medicine worked for us ‘’quit fast’’… We were thrilled. Parallel to this, we did some kind of conditions, like praying (and reading even maybe, I honestly forgot, lol). I guess as a couple we talked about it too. I have to say, the fact that I wanted to study midwifery since for ages and reading lots of books about it was, unknown to me at that time, a big preparation. Trying to find names was as well part of my journey for ages back then.

Husband: Its difficult to prepare for something where you don’t know what to expect. Honestly I don’t think I prepared too much. I had the confidence that somehow it would work out just fine.


How has your life of faith changed since being Blessed and now as a parent?

1st gen couple with 2 children under 6 years

Wife: Well, since its kind of recent, my eldest daughter is just 6 by now, I don’t have the perfect bigger picture view. But it’s fascinating to see her grow. Looking back, now its hard to grasp that she was once so small, so dependent. Man, already next year she will
go to school! ‘’Recently’’ I was just giving birth and breastfeeding her, she had no hair in comparison to now, no teeth, could not walk, talk, move… so dependent. And now… its like another kid. The perspective and parallel of God having Adam and Eve,
everything he did for them, the creation, universe… everything. Just for them. Its amazing and of course easier to understand when I look at my daughter. What I am doing for her looks weak. lol. I am far from building that universe God made. Of course, its as well not my job ;-).

Its so different to be Blessed and with kids, that I can honestly say, its hard to remember how it was not being that. Looking back, feels like something is missing. Funny fact, when my daughter looked at pictures of the time before she was born, she asks where she was. At Omi’s ? The only answer I could give her apart from there was no you is, ‘‘you were in my heart!’’. Since then a 2nd daughter came into our lives. After a loooong time waiting. I dont believe I was ‘’lucky to have them. I believe that all kids are amazing and miracles. Of course, in our today’s world its hard to see. We have our shortcomings and often it looks like there are ‘‘bad’’, ”mean’’. But yep its just looks bad. One more thing, since I was a kid, and the way I was raised by one of my parents, I could just see that it was not right. So of course I questioned that, how would I do, whats better….That helped looking for other ways and finding them.

Husband: Of course everything changes when you start getting responsible not only for yourself, but also for your wife and then your family. I was never so much interested in the traditions. I just saw that this movement influenced myself in a positive way, especially through the community. Now I also see this as the biggest positive point for my kids growing up with the kids of likely minded adults my age.