BFD annual Meeting 2019

Dear National Leaders, Community Leaders and Blessed Families,

Please share this invitation with anyone who might be interested in working with issues related to the wellbeing of our Blessed Families here in Europe.

This year our annual  Blessed Family Dept.  meeting will be in the lovely city Alba in Italy.

As always, this annual meeting provides us with a great opportunity to meet together and develop our working and personal relationships. We can share essential information, make plans and discuss approaches to important issues, share best practices and offer each other practical support.

Please consider sending a representative if your national BFD person is unable to attend, and please come as a couple, if you are able to do so. Please make special effort to encourage any young person who is working with you or who are interested in the work of the BFD in your nation to attend – we need to give our future BFD staff this opportunity.

Topics we like to cover during our meeting:

  • Personal Development Seminar by Rafael Guinard – A comprehensive program that covers 5 key areas of life – including character, health + fitness, spirituality etc. This program supports us to LIVE the Principle in daily life and truly embody a ‘Peace Starts with Me’ mind-set in all aspects of our lives.
  • Matching Support Training for 1st and 2nd Generation Matching Supporters
  • The International BFD staff of Korea will be attending this year, sharing updates and details about the Cosmic Blessing 2020.

Discussion and sharing on the topic of Enriching Blessed Families:

  • How can we improve communication and connection between 1st and 2nd Generation?
  • How to support young Blessed families in raising children with spiritual values and traditions?
  • Understanding challenges of faced by Blessed Families?

Annual Meeting of European Blessed Family Department Representatives

When: Thursday 12th September, from 4 pm – arrivals and registration
Opening Session Friday Morning
Departure: Closing with lunch on Sunday 15th September at 12.30 pm
Alba, Italy

How to get there: Find details about the transportation here Travelinformation BFD19

We strongly recommend to book as soon as possible in order to get a better price on airplane tickets.

Cost:      170 Euros per person

Registration until 5th of September

Please confirm your intention to attend and register by clicking the link below:

Registration Link

National Reports
Many of you will have things that you would like to report about and share with others working in the field – we will not have national reports in the programme itself, so please prepare written reports (maximum two sides of A4 paper) and we will copy these and make them available at the back of the hall. Please send them to by Sunday 7th of September 2019

Thank you!

If you wish to contact us to discuss anything – if you have a particular issue you want raised or have something you would like to contribute to the meeting – please email me on , or contact our secretary, Margaret Staudinger

We look forward to seeing you there!

On behalf of the BFD team,

Orlande Schenk
EUME BFD Director