ESGD Summer 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We are pleased to announce the dates of the ESGD Summer Activities for 2018 – we hope that we can see many of you returning, and some new faces as well. We will work on and announce the motto for Summer 2018 later in April when registrations officially open at our website. However, we wanted to at least give you the dates to help with your planning as families and for those interested in applying as staff, too.

We are introducing a new workshop named “Mobilise”. It will offer 3 main activities: DP education, service project and mountain challenge, taking place at different locations. Programme will also consist of sports, games and other exciting team activities. This workshop is based on successful format of 21-day Mobilisation; it will also include travelling.

ESGD summer 2018 overview

Mobilise (new WS)
12 – 28 July in Slovakia and Austria. For participants aged 17 and older.

Junior HARP WS
15 – 23 July in Bad Camberg (near Frankfurt), Germany. For participants born in 2002-2004.

20+ Summer retreat
31 July – 5 August in Copenhagen, Denmark. For participants aged 20 and older.

Senior HARP WS
7 – 15 August in Bad Camberg (near Frankfurt), Germany. For participants born in 1999-2002.

ODP+ WS (Original Divine Personality and more)
16 – 29 August in Bad Camberg (near Frankfurt), Germany. For participants aged 18 and older.

Note that the first day of each activity is the arrival day and the last day is the departure day! More information about the Camberg WS venue can be found at online here.

Please wait for official registrations to open and then apply, so that you can first get confirmation and then book your travel!

We wish you Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2018!

The ESGD team