FAQ High Noon Tour in Europe

As you might have heard the High Noon tour in Europe has officially started. Below is an info about the tour and testimonies from participants of cities they’ve already visited. The High Noon team made big efforts to come to Europe and present their content. We really see this as great tool to support Blessed families and BCs in our daily lives. So let’s spread the word!
Please have a look on the FAQs on the Topic of High Noon!

FAQ about the High Noon Tour in Europe:

  • What is High Noon? High Noon’s name stems from the term True Father used when speaking of a life without shadows. High Noon exists to create a culture of sexual integrity, openness, and heavenly sexual intimacy. They provide programs for pornography recovery based on Unification Principles. And they’ve also started School of Love supporting parents in how to speak to their children about sex.
  • Who are they? A team of 7: David + Mitsue Wolfenberger are a 1st gen couple who founded the program, Sammy + Yigyu Uyama (and their little baby!) a 2nd gen couple and the directors, Andrew Love, is head of community outreach and Sancha Ogden leading communications. Here’s a short video they made about the tour.
  • What are they offering? One day seminar in a few nations and 3 hour evening programs in other nations.
  • Who’s the content for? Anyone 16 years or older, 1st and 2nd Gen.
  • What’s talked about in the one day seminar? In the evening program? 2 lectures on creating a culture without shadows and the dangers of pornography today. After lunch there are two separate talks one for couples living together about Heavenly Intimacy. The other group is for singles on Preparing for Heavenly Intimacy. The seminar concludes with discussion in small groups on how to create a culture of honesty and integrity by starting with ourselves. The evening programs are a shorter version with the first lectures combined into one and split heavenly intimacy discussions after. Heavenly Intimacy refers to changing the negative perspective that sex can often be talked about in our movement and understanding the love and joy of the sexual relationship, that it’s the greatest gift God wants for husband and wife to experience.
  • Which cities are they visiting? (one day seminars are in bold)
    o MAY: 28th in Warsaw, 29 -30th in Glanow (STF)
    o JUNE: 1st in Vienna, 4 -6 in Czech, 8th in Tirana, 12 -13 in Rome, 15th in Milan, 18 -20th in England, 22nd in London, 25- 26th in Switzerland, 27th in Stuttgart, 29th in Camberg
  • Where can I find more information? On the High Noon website https://www.highnoon.org/

A few testimonies from participants:

“My main concern is how to educate our children and all the 3rd gen in France about sexuality. For many of us sex was introduced through Ch 2 of the DP and our vision of sexuality was negative. When should we educate our kids and how do we deal with the message society conveys to our kids? That’s why I came here today.” 2nd gen in France

“It was extremely meaningful, logical, and convincing. I felt deeply Heavenly Parent’s heart behind this presentation. It gave me hope, encouragement, and confidence about the future of our Blessed Family communities and the world. High Noon’s commitment is contagious :)” 1st gen in Denmark

“I’m happy I was able to attend the event. As a 2nd gen I could relate with the content shared and the main message: to live a life without shadows. It’s something to practice not just overcoming a struggle with porn but also to build honest relationships with our family and community by sharing our struggles in order to overcome together. It’s a real challenge for me to open myself up to others, but I feel empowered to keep trying.” 2nd gen in Spain