The High Noon Tour

High Noon is coming to Europe!

What is High Noon?

High Noon is a project launched by a group of American members a few years ago to help us in our efforts to restore sexual integrity to our lives.

The High Noon team will arrive in Spain next week for their first event in Madrid. In 8 weeks, they will travel all around Europe, from Great Britain to Ukraine and from Finland to Albania. Events will be held in smaller communities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings and a full day event will be held every Saturday in bigger communities

Some of you might thing that we have enough to do with the preparation for the CheonBo events (Cheong Pyeong Europe events) which are taking place all over Europe at the same time. But the content of this program is a very good preparation for the CheonBo. What better preparation than to understand the importance of, and to make an effort, to become people who cast no shadow, people well-aligned with our Heavenly Parent.

With the fall, our sexuality was corrupted, remains our Achilles heel and has often been the downfall of many. The goal of this workshop is to help us reinforce our sexual integrity.

Maintaining our sexual integrity in today’s overly-sexualized society can be a challenge. This workshop can help us be aware of the traps that lie in wait for us, our children and our grandchildren.

Why should you attend?

  • Because pornography affects us on every level: individually, in relationships, and in society
  • Because our children and grandchildren are facing unprecedented levels of accessibility to porn on the internet
  • Because becoming aware and informed about the problem is the first step
  • And because sexuality is God’s greatest gift and He intended for it be so much more

The Content of this 1 day Workshop is for 1st and 2nd Generation from the age of 16 and older.

You can see the full schedule of the European tour in the attached letter from the High Noon team.

Details about the events in each nation will be sent out through the National or BFD leader.

Here’s a link to a video they made about their upcoming visit to Europe: and here is 2nd video explaining the concept of sexual integrity: . You will also find all of the European tour dates on the attached document. And here is a link to the High Noon site for those who like more information about their activity: .

Your European BFD team


Greetings from the High Noon Team

Hello European family,

The High Noon team is extremely excited about our trip to Europe. This has been in the works for over a year and God has been preparing us to provide an amazing experience for our Blessed Families in Europe.

High Noon is a non-profit run by Blessed Family members and exists to assist people across the world to experience Heavenly Intimacy so that our families can radiate with the love and blessings of our Heavenly Parent. In the beginning, we focused on fighting the pornography epidemic, as we saw it to be a main hindrance in Blessed Families achieving the closeness and openness of love we are all striving for.

Presently, we are investing our energy into creating vibrant events that allow participants to experience the love and grace of God by giving people an unmatched atmosphere centered on honesty, integrity and acceptance. During the past few years High Noon has spoken around the world, and it has become abundantly clear that the more a community prioritizes living in high noon and removing shadows (fear, accusation, shame, judgement) the more abundantly God is able to work.

Our events are for people of all ages. In our past regional event at the Chicago Family Church we had fifteen entire families attend together, some of them driving for more than 10 hours to get there. High Noon is working to liberate sexuality from the realm of fear so that we as Blessed families can take ownership back from the confused state that sex has been occupied from the beginning.

Please join us when we come to your community, it is an investment that will benefit you for your entire life. If you want your family to live free of fear, confusion, and resentment in the realm of sexuality, if you want your community to be more honest and transparent, then we invite you to join us when we visit.

God bless you and thank you for helping to bring this High Noon era to fruition

The High Noon Team.


Tour Schedule of the High Noon Team

You will receive details about the Tour program from your National leader.


7 — 8 – Madrid

9 – Barcelona

11 – Paris

14 – Copenhagen

15 – Oslo

16 – Stockholm

18 – Helsinki

21 — 23 – Kiev

28 – Warsaw

29 — 30 – Glanow (STF)



1 – Vienna

4 — 6 – Czech

8 – Tirana

12 — 13 – Rome

15 – Milan

18 — 20 – England

22 – London

25 — 26 – Switzerland

27 – Stuttgart

29 – Camberg