Information Cosmic Blessing Jan.2020

Dear Matched Couples, Parents and Family Members,

We would like to inform you about the following details concerning the Blessing on 7th February 2020. The Blessing Ceremony this year will be held under the official title:

2020 Hyojeong Cosmic Blessing Ceremony Officiated by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. 

Online Registration 

We would like to remind everyone to register online for the Blessing. Please be aware that it does not matter where you will receive the blessing; all European Blessing candidates planning to attend the upcoming Blessing should register via the link below:

  • 1st Generation Single Candidates
  • Blessed Children Single Candidates
  • Married Couples (who want to attend the Cosmic Blessing and fulfill all 7 steps)

Blessing Registration for Candidates only

We past the registration deadline already! So please register as soon as possible!

Receiving the Blessing locally or abroad  

This year True Mother really asked everyone to join for the Blessing celebration 2020 in Korea. Only if you have a strong reason not to join in Korea you can request to receive the Blessing somewhere else.

Please be aware it needs to be approved by the EUME Blessing Department if you want to receive the Blessing abroad or locally. Please request it by email if you want to receive the Blessing somewhere else.

The Blessing offering is the same no matter where you will receive the Blessing.

For those receiving the Blessing somewhere else your Blessing offering needs to be transferred by bank account latest a week before the Blessing day. (Details you can read in the section blessing offering).

Blessing Offering

The Blessing fee should only be paid in EUR to the EUME Blessing Department (see bank details below) and should be paid before attending the Blessing. Payment can be made in cash (in Korea) or can also be electronically transferred at least ONE week before the Blessing event.

Please give us notice via email that you are paying cash in Korea.


Category Blessing Offering
A 1400 USD / 1280 EUR
B 1000 USD / 915 EUR
C 800 USD / 735 EUR
D 500 USD / 460 EUR

Category A
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, UK

Category B
Andorra, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, San Marino, Spain

Category C
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Rep., Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

Category D
Albania, Bosnia, Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia,
Russia, Ukraine, former CIS, Middle East, Turkey

Bank Details

 (for those who wish to make a transfer)

Bank: Frankfurter Sparkasse

Account Holder: FFWPU Europe, Nassauerstr. 14, 65795 Hattersheim am Main

IBAN: DE74 5005 0201 0200 4451 38


Please put as the reason for payment “Blessing 2020” and include your NAME”, for example: “Blessing 2020: John Smith”

Concerning Travel               

Please inform us about your travel arrangements; this also includes Candidates who are already in Korea, as we need to be aware of your arrival details.

Latest by January 10th 2020.

Please fill in the online Blessing 2020 Travel & Accomondation form


This year the accommodation for European Blessing candidates and their families & friends is

 Elysian Gangchon

International matched Couples                 

This year the Blessing group is very big so we are separated in different hotels. It is tradition that the bride joins the Education program (before and after the Blessing) of the groom.

If your husband is from another region and you would like to join the European group please inform us ahead of time, it is not a problem. Your husband would stay with you in the accommodation of the European group.

FYI: Japanese Blessing group has no translation into English in their program

Korean Blessing group has usually not much program before the Blessing

Blessing Ceremony              

The venue of the Blessing was changed from Kintex hall to the World Peace Stadium (our own stadium owned by the church). It hosts approximately 25.000 people.

Family and Friends              

Parents, any other family members or friends who are planning to join and want to attend the event are also asked to fill out the Blessing 2020 Travel & Accomondation form

You will stay in the same accommodation as the Blessing Candidates.

Please be aware that we can only arrange accommodation for those who request it via the online travel form by 10th of January 2020.

Arrival and Departure for Candidates, Family and Friends        

Please note that pick up and drop off to the airports can only be guaranteed for those arriving in Korea on the 4th and 5th of February and departing on the 9th of February 2020.

Pick up will be all day long on the 4th and 5th of February.

Pick up will be arranged from Incheon Int. Airport and Gimpo Airport.

Exact pick up place on the Airport will be announced later.

If you want to stay earlier than the 5th or stay longer than the 9th in the Elysian Gangchon Hotel we can arrange it for you. It costs 50 USD per night. Please inform us until the 10th of January 2020.

In case you arrive a few days earlier than the 5th of February and stay somewhere else than Elysian we suggest that you will come back to the airport to travel with the group to the accommodation.

Fee for Family and Friends             

Family and Friends who have registered with us through the travel form will stay in the same accommodation as the Blessing Candidates. The fee for attending the official schedule of the blessing (including meals, transport and accommodation) will be 350 USD for 4 days (5-9th February 2020).

Additional cost to stay per day 50 USD.

Payment for the accommodation can be made in cash in USD or EUR in Korea.

 Dress Code                

Dress Code for the Blessing Ceremony

Men: dark navy suit, white shirt, dark socks

Note for Men: You will receive a bow tie in Korea, every groom is asked to wear this bow tie which was picked by True mother. Please buy a shirt that is made for bow ties

Women: white wedding dress, white shoes

We recommend a west or stole because it can be chilly in the stadium

The items below will be distributed at the blessing, so you can choose to either buy some of the items in advance, or receive them at the accommodation

Men: white gloves, handkerchief, bow tie

Women: bridal veil, bouquet, tiara, white gloves

Dress Code for the Holy Wine Ceremony

Man: Dark navy suit, white shirt, necktie (no officially designated color)

Women: White or off-white (cream, light beige) formal attire

We will have a registration Blessing this year, this means every candidate will receive the Holy Wine to be registered as a CIG Candidate (1st and BC Candidates)

Blessing Rings

Please read details in the attachment about Blessing Rings. Please pay the ordered Swiss Blessing Rings in cash in Korea in Euro or Swiss Franc.

Korea will provide enough rings in all sizes. You can purchase them one day before the Blessing.

Please order the Swiss Blessing Rings latest by 10th of January 2020.

 Recommended additional items to bring along              

  • Small radio with headphones (radios that work only through WIFI do not work in stadium)
  • Additional formal wear for the evening celebration after the Blessing
  • The staff will bring a few irons but if you have a small one at home it would be a good idea to bring it with you.
  • Extra money in Won (there are usually a few shops where you can buy snacks, coffee etc.)
  • Warm clothes
  • Notebook and pen

Hair stylist                

Our Korean staff team will arrange for professional Hair stylists to assist the brides before the Blessing. The hair and make up service is optional and is usually carried out through the night just before the Blessing. You can prepare a picture of the Hair style you want to have for yourself.

Brides should prepare clothes that will allow them to easily change to a wedding dress after their hair is done.

If you would like to have your hair or make up done by the professional hair style artists, please send us a short email to:

1st Generation Candidates: Yuru Peters:

BC Candidates: Miyako Gerova

by the 10th of January 2020.

Expected Schedule              

In the time of 5th – 9th of February 2020

  • 5th Arrival – Introduction in the Evening
  • 6th Internal Guidance by staff and final preparation for the Blessing
  • 7th Blessing Day
  • 8th Marriage Education + Afternoon program of Sightseeing in Seoul
  • 9th Departure (drop off in Seoul and Incheon Airport)

Please keep in mind that the schedule can change. We are after all in Korea

 European staff in Korea                  

I also want to introduce the staff that will accompany you in Korea.

  • Orlande Schenk
  • Franz and Patrizia Kerschbaumayr
  • Marjeta Roshi
  • Julius Alexy
  • Yuna Johnson
  • Heidi Mayr
  • Martin Alexy
  • Patrick Hanna
  • Yuru Peters (Administration 1st Generation)
  • Miyako Gerova (Administration Blessed Children)
  • and Javier Badosa (EUME Photographer)

Important Note                   

Please remember only qualified candidates who have completed the Blessing Application in time and received approval from the EUME Blessed Family Department will be able to attend the Blessing.

 If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us:

1st Generation Candidates: Franz Kerschbaumayr & Yuru Peters:

BC Candidates: Orlande Schenk & Miyako Gerova

Yours sincerely,

Orlande S.chenk
EUME Blessed Family Department Director