Dear Blessed Families! 

We want to warmly invite you to the upcoming European Matching and Blessing Preparation Workshop Level 2 for Blessed Children and their parents.

A Matching and Blessing Preparation Workshop is a requirement for all who wish to attend the Blessing. It is designed to support all candidates and parents who are preparing for the matching, and also those already matched who are getting ready to go to the Blessing. 

NEW: The Level 2 workshop consists of two parts:

 Part 1 – Webinar on the Europe and Middle East (EUME) level.

 Part 2 – Sub-regional Seminar. 

For more details, see – “Education overview on the Matching and Blessing”.


NEW: Attending the workshop is a requirement to register on the international matching website blessing4u.org

The Workshop certificate is valid for 2 years. Details below.

We will cover the following topics: 

  • True Parents Lineage and the Meaning of the Blessing, 
  • Parent-Child Relationship, 
  • Preparing myself for the Matching, 
  • Testimonies from Parents and Candidates and more…

Good communication between parents and candidate is central in the matching process, therefore to attend this workshop together is the best preparation for matching. If both parents and children receive this content together there is a better foundation for discussion and sharing throughout the matching process. 

For some parts of this webinar, we will divide into two groups – with some presentations aimed at guidance for parents, while others will focus on guidance for candidates.

Although this workshop is online, we would ask you to set aside the whole weekend to focus on the content. There will be plenty of breaks, where you can take time to discuss between parents and children, eat meals together and reflect individually.


European Matching and Blessing Preparation WS – key information 

Invited are: All Blessed Children over 17 years of age, and parents who have a child attending the workshop. At this time, we are only accepting applicants from the Europe and Middle East region

Dates: Friday evening (29th October 19.00 CEST) – Sunday lunch time (31st October 2021) A detailed schedule will follow for those who register.

WS fee:
Candidates- 50 EUR  (East and Middle East Sub-Region: 30 EUR)

Parents- 20 EUR for one or both parents (East and Middle East Sub-Region: 10 EUR)

Bank Information:

        Purpose: BFD MBWS + Name

        Account Holder: FFWPU-Europe, Nassauerstr. 14, 65795 Hattersheim, Germany

        Bank: Frankfurter Sparkasse, Alt-Sossenheim 25, 65936 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

        IBAN: DE97 5005 0201 0200 6918 80  

        BIC: HELADEF1822

        PayPal: euhq@ffwpu-eu.org

Registration: Register latest by Sunday 24th October 2021 online at:  


Each individual person who wants to attend needs to register (Blessed children and Parents)

Requirement for the WS

Please note that, in order to receive a certificate, you must attend the entire webinar with the camera on. Please make sure to have a stable internet connection and a device with a working camera. The certificate is valid for 2 years.

For further questions please contact us at europecosmicblessing@gmail.com


On behalf of the BFD team, 

Yours Sincerely, 

Orlande Schenk – EUME BFD

Overview of the Education Requirements for Matching and Blessing:

Please note that each candidate has to complete the necessary education in order to be able to attend the Blessing. Ideally this education should be completed before starting with the Matching Process. It is important to prepare well before beginning the search for a possible partner and this education will help families to approach the matching in a better way.

Level 1

Target: 14-17 years old Blessed Children
Where: local and community level
When: once a year, depending on the nation
Requirement for the Blessing: No
Description: Focus of education is Pure Lifestyle, how to prepare for the Matching and Blessing, identity of a Blessed Child, Parent Child relationship and providing guidance for parents in the preparation for the Matching. 

Level 2 Part 1 (EUME level) + Part 2 (sub-regional level)

Overview Part 1
Target: 17 years and older
Where: Education on EUME level
When: twice a year
Requirement for the Blessing: Yes
Description: This is the main Workshop in preparation for the Matching and Blessing. The theme of the Workshop is Love, Live, Lineage.  It should offer a deeper understanding about the Blessing and help candidates to prepare for the Matching. The workshop is separated into two parts, one part is on the international Europe and Middle East (EUME) level and the second part is on sub-regional level – both parts need to be attended in order to complete the workshop.

Overview Part 2
Target: 17years and older
Where: Education on national or sub-regional level
When: twice a year, shortly after Part 1
Description: The second part of the Level 2 Workshop will be held on the sub-regional level. Since there are fewer participants, it gives the opportunity of sharing in groups and clarifying content from the main workshop. 

Validation of the Level 2 Workshop:

The Level 2 workshop is valid for 2 years. It is a requirement for the international matching website www.blessing4u.org.

Applying for a Level 2 extension

It is possible to receive a one time “2 years extension” for the Level 2 workshop. In order to receive the extension you need to watch some lectures of Part 1  online and participate in the subregional Part 2 workshop. Your original Level 2 workshop should not be older than 2 years old. If you want to receive an extension, please contact our staff for more details. 

Level 3

Matched Couples who are attending the Blessing
online on EUME level
When: shortly
before a Cosmic Blessing
Requirement: Yes
 This is a new workshop that we want to offer online for matched couples before a Blessing. We see the necessity of providing certain additional education before the Blessing and to offer a platform for questions and answers for the candidates. 

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