MMM #10

Happy New Year!
We hope you could enjoy your holidays and spend some time together with your loved ones.

We are happy to announce our first event of the year:

Thursday, 28.01.2021 20:30 CET (19:30 GMT)
Speaker: Stephen Stacey
Topic: The dynamics of love and beauty in marriage

About our speaker
Stephen Stacey has been interested in marriage education for over fifteen years. In 2006 he wrote a book on marriage and for 5 years taught a marriage enrichment course at university. He then became interested in what it takes to become a person who can build a lasting marriage – and used his knowledge to create a personal development course for students. Recently he has written a book and run seminars on why the three blessings framework is the only worldview that can build a world of peace and co-prosperity.

After the main talk we will split into discussion groups: as usual the groups are made of 5-7 people, and we try our best to put together couples of similar life circumstances.

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Feel free to share this information with any blessed couple you think might be interested.

We look forward to seeing you there!