MMM #22

Hi everyone!

Our next MMM meeting will be on
Tuesday, May 24th 2022 20:30 CEST (19:30 BST)
Speaker: Myrna Lapres
Topic: “Creating Connection and Belonging in your family”

About our Speakers

Myrna Lapres has been a teacher and educator for over 25 years but her passion is working with individuals, parents and families to strengthen their connection and find better ways of relating and communicating. 
She is interested in combining her understanding and skills she has gained through study, practice and coaching together in collaboration with other groups and organizations. 
Myrna is working together with other coaches to offer education and tools through a monthly zoom webinar entitled, “Self-Care Isn’t Selfish: Heal Yourself, Heal Your Family, Heal the World.” 
She has self-published a book on Amazon the end of 2021 entitled “7 Gifts to Give Your Child: Parenting That Will Touch Their Future.”
​As a trained Safe Conversations facilitator and a certified Relationship and Family Coach, she gives workshops that support individuals, couples, families, businesses and organizations to learn how to talk without criticism, listen without judgment, and connect beyond differences. She and her husband have three sons, three daughter-in-laws and one granddaughter.

Discussion Groups
After the talk we will split into discussion groups: the groups are made of 4-6 people, and we try our best to put together couples of similar circumstances.

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