MMM #8

We are happy to announce our next meeting. 

MMM-Make the Most of Marriage Zoom Meeting
Tuesday, 27.10.2020 20:30 CET (19:30 GMT)
Speaker: Justin Okamoto
Topic: Letting God Love

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Meeting ID: 478 639 638

About our speaker:
Justin Okamoto is a blessed child from the US, half American and half Japanese. He and his wife Kazuka were Blessed in Korea in 2013. Together they have a son, of 1 year and 9 months. He was assistant pastor in the Belvedere Family Church for three years, and has now been living in Japan for 4 years, where he is working as a Life Coach. 

He will be sharing with us about “Letting God Love” because that is what has made the biggest difference in their marriage, and has allowed him to love his wife as a representative of God.

After the main talk we will split into discussion groups: the groups are made of 5-7 people, and we try our best to put together couples of similar circumstances (e.g. newly Blessed Couples / Blessed Couples with young children / Blessed Couples with adult children). 

We will share the questions for the discussion in our next emails and on Facebook.

If you are new to MMM and have never registered before, please fill out this registration form, so that we know in which discussion group to put you:

Feel free to share this information with any blessed couple you think might be interested.

We look forward to seeing you there!