OEC webinar 22.23

There are amazing new ways to improve our lives and to speed up the restoration process.

Free Webinar
on energy methods like Emotion Code (EC), Body Code (BC) and Original Energy Code (OEC), a DP-based further development of EC and BC.

Saturday, Nov. 19 at 7-9 pm CET
(6-8 pm UTC / 1-3 pm EST)

Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 820 1434 2304

Part 1 offers an overview about the energy healing methods of Emotion Code, Body Code and Original Energy Code, how they function and why such amazing results are achieved.
There will be a 20 min presentation by Kurt Sattlberger, testimonies by Hilde Wiemann, Rafael Guignard … and room for Q & A.

Part 2 focuses on the online Training in Original Energy Code starting Feb. 11, 2023.

Looking forward to meet you
Kurt Sattlberger
certified EC-practitioner
and author of Original Energy Code

There is no registration necessary for the webinar.
If you are interested to take part in the OEC-training please contact kurt.sattlberger@aon.at

More info about Energy work: https://bfedeu.org/contact/support-network/energetic-healing/