European Parents Matching Convocation

Dear Blessed Families,

We would like to invite parents of Blessed Children and Jacob Children, who have children of matching age, or who are approaching matching age, to attend our upcoming European Parents Matching Convocation.

During this weekend you will receive practical information as well as valuable internal guidance, which will be helpful, whether you are in a matching process or preparing to match your children in the future.

The convocation provides a great opportunity for you to meet, share with and get to know other parents who are in the same situation as you – looking for a partner for their child.

Our European Matching Supporters will also be available to talk with you, answer your questions and help you to make a matching plan for your child.

Parents Matching Convocation – Key information:

Invited are: Parents of Second Generation and Jacob Children of matching age.

Dates:   Friday, 25th May – Sunday, 27th May 2018

Arrival: by 18:00 on 25th May to Bad Camberg   Departure: after 14:00 on 27th  May from Bad Camberg

Place: Seminarhaus Neumühle, near Bad Camberg, Germany. Tel: +49-6434-7376


WS fee: 2-Bed Bedroom with Shower/WC: 130 Euro per person (240 Euro per couple.) (may be in local hotel/apartment)
5 to 8 Bedroom (Bunk Beds) with Shower/WC: 120 Euro per person (220 Euro per couple)

Workshop directors: David Hanna, Jane Toresen and Orlande Schenk

Registration deadline is 10th May 2018, please register online by clicking the link below:

Registration Link: European Parents Matching Convocation  25th – 27th May 2018

If you have any problem registering contact Margaret Staudinger at

A shuttle service will be organized from Bad Camberg Train station to the workshop site from 3.00 PM on Friday, so we would appreciate if you could schedule your arrival not before this time. Detailed Travel Information will be sent as soon as you have registered for the Parents Matching Convocation.

European Parents Matching Convocation – additional information:

The purpose of the convocation is to support parents in the task of matching their children. True Parents have passed this responsibility on to parents in of blessed families, and as the era of Cheon Il Guk matching (True Parents Matching) has now passed, it is our task as parents to take on this precious work.

The Convocation will provide education and guidance on issues relating to the matching and Blessing. There will be time set aside to meet and share with other parents.

Display of Candidates’ Profiles

At the convocation, there will be an opportunity to display photographs and information about your child if he/she is a matching candidate, and to see the pictures and personal details about other matching candidates from all over Europe, and even from other parts of the world. This may directly help the process of finding a suitable partner for your child.

Please consider whether you would like to display your child’s profile at the convocation.  If you would like to do so, please inform us register on this link:  Deadline: 18th May 2018).

We will only display profiles of candidates who have explicitly expressed their wish to have them displayed. Otherwise profiles will not be displayed by us.

Please note that it is possible to display the profile of your child even though you do not attend the Convocation in person.

To ensure that your profile is displayed you have several options:

  • If your child is already registered on the International Matching websites – or  make sure the profile is updated and inform us that you want to display his/her profile. We can then print out your child’s profile from the website and display it.
  • If your child is not registered, he/she can use this opportunity to register on this website. This not only allows you to use the website, but also means that your child’s profile can be displayed at any future convocation, after it has been updated, in Europe or elsewhere.

You just would have to notify us.

  • If your child submitted a Blessing Application, we can also use copies of this Blessing Application (pictures, application form and family Introduction form) to display the profile.
  • If neither of the above applies, you can still hand in your own materials: pictures, letters or other information for display. Contact information and basic data (name, date of birth, etc.) should be included. We enclose a profile form that you can use to fill in this information and send to us at

Please send all information to us at least one week before the date of the event (18th May 2018), so that we have time to collate and prepare copies.

Furthermore, it is particularly helpful if the candidate can fill out the attached questionnaire below and send it to us.

Please feel free to contact us about any questions or issues related to the Matching Convocation.

Below you will find contact information of other BFED members whom you may wish to contact:

Hans Karlsson: (deals with matters concerning Jacob children)
Jane Toresen: (Parents Matching Support Coordinator)
Margaret Staudinger: (BFED Secretary)

We wish you God’s guidance and blessing in the matching process and hope that opportunities such as this, together with other tools we are making effort to provide, will help you in this important area of parents’ responsibility.

Yours sincerely,

David Hanna                                                              Orlande Schenk
Director, BFED                                                           European 2nd Generation Blessing Dept.