Questions 1 & 2 (Parenthood)


What do you do to keep developing your marriage relationship while raising children?

2nd gen couple with 2 children under 5 years old

Wife: Ironically enough, I make an effort to take care of my needs first. When I take care of myself I can approach my husband from a place of genuine love and affection rather than from a place of neediness and desperation. That and setting aside time to really talk and be vulnerable about whatever happens to be going on in life. In the crazy busy life with kids, it’s important to make time to connect and catch-up.

Husband: Be dependable, set aside time for each other and have fun when you can.


How did you decide together about what values and spiritual traditions you want to raise your children with?

Wife: Haha, we should probably have that talk soon. So far we’ve just rolled with it and tried to survive living with toddlers.

Husband: Haven’t gotten there yet; but want my kids to experience our “core teaching” and be dependable people.