Questions 3 & 4 (Parenthood)

What’s your advice for developing a close connection and relationship with your children?

2nd gen couple with 2 children under 5 years old

Wife: Listen to them. Really listen to them. Hear what they have to say, get to know how their mind works, and learn to see the world through their eyes even if it’s just for a moment. Even if it sounds ridiculous or mundane, it’s important to them.

Husband: Listen to what they have to say, be there when they need you, and don’t be too serious, be spontaneous (“random acts of fun”).


What does building a God-centered family mean to you? What do you do, practically, to bring God into your family?

2nd gen couple with 2 children under 5 years old

Wife: For me, a God-centered family is a family that includes God in their lives, even in the mundane parts. Practically speaking, we pray with them before mealtimes and before they go to bed. Sometimes, we do HDH as a part of bedtime reading. When they ask questions, I answer as openly and honestly as I can. We also do an offering table for birthdays and some holy days.

Husband: Be family that God can be proud of, and be dependable (there for others).

1st gen couple with 2 children under 6 years old

Wife: Um, good question. I always, always… as much as possible, try to see what I’m experiencing from the point of view of the DP and God. When something challenging or even just not nice happens, see it could make sense. When I don’t manage or just can’t see it, I trust. Trust that there must be a reason that will be revealed eventually. Try to see the good side of it, what am I learning here ? Always reach for the positive side. No matter what. Always trust and try to have no fear: the ‘enemy of love’?! Try in all the different situations, to put God in the middle. Ask for his guidance in raising the kids, in seeing them from his point of view. See the beauty everywhere. Today’s world may look dark, sad and unsafe. That’s the clear message behind media and the first appearances. But that side that seems not obvious is there. It’s just ‘harder’ to see. But when you do see it, it’s so obvious that’s its there. If I were to give some statistic on it, I would even say, its easily more than 50% good… even if it may not seems so.

Husband: It’s difficult to include God always in my daily life. I see God more when I look back, I have a strong feeling of being guided and supported. With my older kid we pray always in the evening before going to bed. But for now she doesn’t have further questions and I want to give her the time and space she needs.