Seminar on Parenthood

We held a Workshop on the topic of education specially for younger children. Heidi Mayr who has 5 children of her own and who is a professional Family counselor led the seminar.

We could create a very good atmosphere where parents could receive guidance but also had the space to share openly about their own situation in the family. Just to name a few topics we shared,  positive communication of parents and children, spiritual education of our children, how to solve fights among siblings and much more. We had support of a few younger 2nd Generations who kept the Kids busy so parents were free to listen to the content.

Everyone was really grateful to get input on our daily lives and to connect as blessed families. it was beautiful to be back and Seebenstein to enjoy the nature together as young families.


The parents education workshop was a truly refreshing retreat and much needed time to relax, reconnect and recharge. It nourished me emotionally as well as spiritually. While my wife and I had the chance to rekindle old friendships. Our little boy had the chance to experience the joy of creating new ones. 
Bogdan P

This workshop offered plenty of useful advice for young parents. I appreciated listening to hands-on, real life content, covering questions on the meaning of parenting and education, positive communication, cultural and spiritual traditions in the family and more, mostly based on experience and research. Being part of a community of young parents was empowering and encouraged the participants to openly share best practices as well as challenges faced in every day life.

Thank you to the wonderful helpers who took care of our kids and made it possible for us to reflect on our roles as parents of the next generation.

Nathalie W.