Healers and Counselor

Here you find a network on trained healers and counselor within the BFD network of Europe.


Name: Heidi Mayr
Country: Austria.
Languages: German, English.

Methods: Diploma for counseling of families, partnership and education of children.
“I have been working in a social association which is connected to the governmental Youth and Family Office in Austria for 10 years. Through this I have various experiences in helping people in all kinds of family problems, mental sicknesses and addictions in today’s society.
From October 2018 on I am working fulltime for BFD.”
E-mail: heidi.mayr@gmx.at
Skype: adelheid.mayr54


Name: Kurt Sattlberger
Country: Austria.
Languages: English, German.

Method: Original Energy Code
Original Energy Code is a DP-based further development of The Emotion Code.
It allows to identify and release energies + originating in painful or traumatic experiences, in unsolved issues in the ancestry-line, in curses, black magic, spiritual influence, possessions …
+ causing physical or mental issues, blockages in personal development, relationships, external success regarding finances, mission …

Disclaimer: OEC is an energetic method and does not replace treatment through medical doctors, psycho-therapist or personal efforts for restoration and spiritual growth.
E-mail: kurt.sattlberger@aon.at 
Skype: kurt.sattlberger1


Name: Kathrin Ladstätter
Country: Austria.
Languages: German, English, Russian.

 Bach Flower Remedies. The original Bach Flower Remedies is a safe and natural method of healing discovered by Dr. Bach, a physician and homeopath from England, more than 80 years ago. This Flower Remedies can catalyze the resolution of deep emotional unbalances. There are 38 Flower Essences, each derived from a different wild flower, plant or tree, and each corresponding to a specific emotion. The Flower Remedies can be used to heal all kinds of emotional unbalances such as anger, stress, anxiety, trauma, depression, lack of self-esteem etc.
Skype: kathrin.ladstaetter.
E-mail: kathrin.ladstaetter@hotmail.com


Name: Marjorie Hill
Country:   Denmark.
Languages: English

Methods: Certified Imago Couples Therapist. Also trained in many modalities for work with children, adults and families covering many issues. 30 years of experience.
Email: hillmarj214@hotmail.co.uk


Name: Franz Kerschbaummayr
Country: Italy.
Languages: English, German, Italian.

Method: Certified Emotion code practitioner.
Body code and Original Emotion code (developed by Kurt Sattlberger).
Even we did not finish yet our education as counselor we started with Family counseling.

E-mail: keroliv10@gmail.com
Skype: kerschbaummayr1


Name: Alan and Brigitte Sillitoe
Country: Luxembourg

Method: Emotion code (Bradley Nelson), Original Energy Code (Kurt & Bernadette Sattlberger)
Email: absillitoe@gmail.com
Skype: Sillitoe
Languages: French, English


Name: Margoth Kalstad
Country: Norway.
Languages: English, Norwegian.

Method: Gestalt Therapy
E-mail: mtkalstad@gmail.com


Name: Tatiana Hedström
Country: Sweden.
Languages: Russian, English, Swedish.

Methods: “I am developing therapies with different methods including Emotion Code.”
Website in Swedish: www.inreresan.se


Name:  Liliana ​V. ​Karlsson
Country: Sweden
Languages:  Swedish, Spanish, English.

Methods: Energy Healing: Certified Emotion Code Practitioner; The Body Code System and Original Energy Code (OEC). More than 7 years of experience.

A short description: Energy healing can identify and release blocking energies from the physical body as from the spiritual body (pain, inflammations, insomnia, fears, depression, etc.  We can work ​person to person or long-distance (by Skype or by phone; Whatsapp-audio/video)​
Email : lilianacontacts@gmail.com
Skype: beatriz2709777



Name: Susan Crosthwaite
Country: England.
Language: English.

Methods: EFT (Tapping acupressure points to release stuck energies). Emotion Code (finding and releasing trapped Emotions). Core 3 Healing (a combination of Emotion Code and table-top Constellation work, centering on Unification Thought concept of man).
Skype: lemons919