In Memory of Antonio Fiore

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Name: Antonio Fiore
Spouse: Choo Fiore
Children: Joyce, Jonathan, Janet
Birth Date: April 18, 1956
Blessing Date: 1982
Ascension Date: November 4, 2019
Nation: Poland

Antonio Fiore, National Messiah to Poland and husband of Choo Fiore passed away abruptly on November 4th 2019, following a myocardial infarction.

Antonio and his wife Choo Fiore Theah together with their 3 children were visiting as HTM challengers the hometown of his wife Choo in Malaysia. His death occurred unexpected and unforeseen.

Antonio Fiore was born on 18. April 1956 in Italy. He received the blessing as 6000 couple 1982 in Korea and is father of three children, Joyce, Jonathan and Janet. In 1996 he took part in the first 40 day WS for National Messiahs in Cheong Pyeong Korea and was assigned as National Messiah couple to Poland. December 1996 he moved to Poland followed by his wife and 3 children in May 1997.

The Fiore family stayed initially in Warsaw and changed later to Gdansk, where Antonio obtained several responsibilities in serving the Polish nation: As regional leader for the northern Poland community, as UPF regional director working especially with Ambassadors for Peace and as well he was supporting and taking care of Japanese missionaries which contributed  greatly to the success of  the 40 million blessing campaign and many other responsibilities. Following True Parent’s call Antonio invested many years of his life for Poland. According to members opinion, Antonio was one of the most loved, appreciated and respected brother and  leader they experienced.

Antonio was a good husband and wonderful father and a very kind and warm hearted brother to all.

The Seonghwa Ceremony was held on the 12. November 2019 in Malaysia.

A final Ceremony and burial will be held in Italy in his home town according to the families’ wish. Clear dates will be given later.

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